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Dog pitbull terrier - characteristics and standard

Cynology exists on the principle that we call functional beauty.

The dog pitbull terrier has the following characteristics and standard. She is beautiful to the extent that she answersFunctions for which it was created. A beautiful pit bull terrier is characterized by a structure that best matches the appearance of a good fighting dog. Although fortunately he will never again have to fight in the pit.

The structure of pit bull terrier should be as possibleMore square to give it maximum stability with respect to weight. Since the hind legs and croup are actively involved in the fight, the croup should be elongated, strongly sloping, the waist is flexible, the stomach is selected, and the hind legs are strong and muscular.

The tail must be low set. When viewed from the side, it should form a harmonious line with the croup line. The chest cell should be deep and long, to give scope to the heart and lungs. The paws should not be too powerful, but the front paws should be larger than the rear legs, because they are supporting, while the rear paws are jogging.

And finally the head. This is an important part of the body of a fighting dog, but not as important as some think. No American pit bull terrier has won in battle due to the shape of the head, except only because of its contents - the mind. However, some parameters that have a functional value are still respected.

Standard and characteristics of the pit bull

The head should be large and deep. The nose of the nose is slightly raised so that the dog can breathe with compressed jaws. The skull should be wide, turning into a narrower muzzle. This is because the same force, but applied to a narrower surface, generates more pressure.

Therefore, the grip of a dog with a narrow snout will be more powerfulGrasp of a dog with a wide snout. The incisors of the incisors do not matter much, because they do not participate in grasping. Therefore dog breeders do not pay much attention to them. We admit any bite. Preference is given to a scissor bite, although a pincer bite and a slightly protruding lower jaw are also allowed.

The neck shape also does not have a functionalMeaning, because only a very not very intelligent dog will try to grab in the opponent's battle by the ear. A good fighter prefers more vulnerable and vital places. Cropped ears can save him from the Yorkshire terrier, but not from his fellow humans.

Therefore, the shape of the ears remains purely aestheticProblem and depends only on personal taste. A dog with cropped ears has a more impressive and formidable appearance, but in the eyes of people, not dogs. If the ears are not cropped, the dog acquires a more cute and less villainous appearance. That's all.

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