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Feeding a Pekingese: Adult and Puppy

Pekingese - a decorative breed and can not be compared toEnergy consumption with a hunting or service dog. Therefore, homemade Pekingese are prone to obesity and need a balanced and slightly facilitated diet.

Natural feeding of Pekingese

With natural feeding of Pekingese the basis of the dietShould be meat. Any bones from the diet of dogs of this breed should be completely excluded because of weak teeth. Often, by the age of five, the Pekingese loses some of its teeth, and in this case it does not help, even the cartilage should be given occasionally.

From meat preference is better to give beef and periodically give chicken or turkey (strictly boneless).

Also in the menu of Pekingese must include sea fish, both raw and boiled. Three times a week in the menu you need to include cereals (wheat, rice, buckwheat, oats).

Often Pekingese are very fond of vegetables and fruits, andYou can not deny them this. Especially useful are raw salads from vegetables with a small amount of vegetable oil or sour cream. Of fruits, Pekingese is best not to give the most allergenic: pineapple, kiwi, strawberry.

Once a week an adult Pekingese should be givenBoiled yolk of a hen's egg. You can and even need to feed by-products: liver, kidneys and heart. If the dog does not weaken, you can feed and light. Sometimes an unclean but rinsed scar (a lamb or a cow's stomach) is useful, but without fat. Especially it is useful to a dog after molting, and also after sorts.

Feeding with dry food Pekingese

In order for the dog to perceive the food as best as possible, it is first necessary to choose a suitable breed (decorative small dogs), age and weight.

Feeding Peking puppiesAlso, when choosing, it is worth paying attention to suchMarkers as Active or Sport. Such a dry food for dogs is better not to give Pekingese, because it exceeds the normal rate of calories. And if a Pekinese does not participate in sports competitions (which is rare), then he does not need additional calories. It is better to choose food for complete, inactive or aging dogs.

Puppy, on the contrary, you need increased energy forage, but you need to choose a product that is suitable for a specific age of the dog.

The main precept of the owner of Pekingese should be: "Do not overfeed", because this breed is characterized by increased appetite.

Features of feeding a Pekingese puppy

Puppy should be given dairy products,Regular cottage cheese is required, which strengthens the teeth. It is better to make the cottage cheese yourself with the help of calcium chloride, which is poured into milk. It is put on fire and heated up curdled in cottage cheese. This is the most secure and useful product.

Up to three months of age, it is better to make liquid cereals from Hercules and crushed rice.

Only an excommunicated puppy needs to be fed5-6 times a day. With the growth of the pet (about once a month and a half), the number of feeds decreases, and the volume of disposable food intake increases. By the age of one year the dog needs to be fed two (in winter) or one (in summer) once a day.

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