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Haircut of Pekingese: photo

Luxurious wool - the pride of Pekingese and many owners do not represent their handsome haircut. Although sometimes it is necessary.

Why cut a Pekingese?

Firstly, this breed desperately suffers in the heat and the sheared dog feels much better in the hottest months.

Second, such a need may arise in theThose moments when for some reason it becomes impossible to fully care for the animal's fur. For example, when the dog is ill (especially skin diseases) or the host is sick.

In the dirty season, wool can take walksStrongly sponge, and the dog desperately protest against the clothes. Also, if the dog is old, does not go to exhibitions or has bad hair, it is also better to cut it.

Types of haircuts Pekingese

The most common are the haircut of a Pekingese for a lion and a puppy, but in general each owner shears based on his skill and aesthetic preferences. The main thing is not to cut the Pekingese too short (shorter than 1.5 cm), as this is harmful to their skin - it remains vulnerable to the environment.

The easiest way to cut a Pekingese is simplyShorten the hair on the panties and skirt, leaving it on the body intact. If the hair is too long on the ears and the dog on it comes, then this luxury is also shortened. Also, the hair is cut on the elbows.

Types of haircuts PekingeseAs a result of such a haircut, the Pekingese retains its exotic appearance, but becomes well-groomed and does not sweep the street with its fur.

If the "breed" appearance of Pekingese is not important,It can be sheared "under the puppy". This hairstyle has many options. For example, the combs on the paws can be sheared or left, like the hair on the ears. The main thing is that the wool has not been cut very short - not shorter than two centimeters.

How to cut a Pekingese?

It is best to do this with a special machine forHaircuts of dogs. Because a human machine may not master the rather tough wool of Pekingese. Removable knives and nozzles of the machine cut any koltuny and allow you to leave hair of any length.

  • You can cut the dog and scissors. True, for this you need to have a certain share of skill. In any case, it is better to choose good hairdressing scissors. They will exclude the appearance of uncomfortable calluses on the fingers.
  • Scissors should be in two versions: medium length and small (for cutting between fingers). To smooth the edges of the wool, so that there is no "ladder" you can buy thinning scissors.
  • When choosing scissors, it is worth taking a piece of wool with you and trying how they cut. This should happen without effort.
  • Before a hairstyle the dog is better for washing, combing and drying. It is necessary to shear off by placing a piece of oilcloth on the table under the dog so that the Pekingese is firmly on his feet and does not slip.
  • You can also put the dog at certain moments of haircuts. To begin to cut is better from a tail to a head, against a wool.
  • If you are a first time machine clip PekingeseMachine, it must first be turned on far from the dog and gradually brought up, watching the reaction. As a rule, Pekingese calmly tolerate the noise of the typewriter, and the very haircut.
  • After shearing, the dog should be rinsed from the shower or wiped with a damp cloth.
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