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The reasons for the aggressiveness of the American pit bull terrier

A few months ago, European expertsOn the behavior of animals gathered to jointly respond to the question that has become, alas, extremely topical: what is the reason for the more frequent cases of manifestations of unnatural aggression by the pitbulls.

After the conversations with the dog breeders,Breeders of this breed, and just lovers and owners of dogs, we were given an absolutely clear and unambiguous answer, which, in our opinion, should put an end to the heated debate.

As it turned out, American dog breeders and some of their European colleagues, drawn, of course, by a lust for money, and not at all by love for animals, robbed of the boughs of three-week-old puppies.

This rush is justified by the fact that puppiesPitbull terrier and at such an early age already, they say, are very aggressive behavior, and if so, the sooner they are compelled to respect them, the better. And as a result, such grief-dog breeders disrupt the process of proper development of puppies, depriving them of the necessary conditions for getting involved in an independent life-the presence of a native flock.

Aggressiveness of pit bull terrier

The thing is that it is three-weekAge puppies comprehend many important truths, including the ban on the use of canine teeth. In other words, thanks to games with their brothers, sisters and mother, they begin to understand that, without special need, it is necessary to regulate the power of the bite. And, in addition, it is from the age of three weeks that babies learn the "language" of adult dogs, that is, different postures and movements that allow animals to communicate with each other.

Weaned and left alone puppyNot able to identify other dogs as their own kind, he would rather consider that it belongs to the human race, naturally, while retaining all the animals' habits and instincts.

At the time of danger, the dog, depending onSituation, he chooses one of two possible tactics: either attacks, or all his appearance expresses obedience. Deprived of the period of training in his home flock, the pit bull terrier and know does not know about the existence of a pose of submissiveness and submission, and therefore inevitably chooses aggressive behavior and ... again, in time without mastering the science of warning his opponent about the attack (lowered head, grin and so on), surprises His "abnormal swoops" like any well-bred dog, and a man more or less familiar with the behavior of animals.

And who, tell me, explained this ignorance involuntarily, that you should let go of your opponent, if he surrenders or screams in pain?

For those who do not know English,That to pit in translation from English "bleed", and bull in this case means bullish force. I can assure you that with this method of upbringing you can make a dog killer out of chihuahua!

In short, if the dog of a particular breedSuddenly begins to pose a danger to the surrounding people, you should ask the dog breeder who raised it, by what such right does he produce "bloodthirsty monsters"! A pupil of a pit bull terrier, appropriately educated near "a reasonable and balanced mother, is not more dangerous than any other pet. By "intelligent and balanced mother" I mean a dog who did not receive a cruel orphan education. After all, a mother can teach her children only what she herself once learned.

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