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Character and description of pit bull terrier, training pitbulya

King of fight dogs is rightly considered an American pit bull terrier. American pit bull terrier is truly an exceedingly outstanding dog.

She has steel muscles, an iron grip. It is distinguished by incredible agility and courage, which borders on fearlessness. But at the same time he has a very kind heart. In fact - this is a beautiful and very affectionate animal. In relation to a person, the pit bull terrier behaves like a small house dog.

Today, when dogfights are already incompatible withSocial morality, these dogs are beginning to be used for other purposes more distant from violence, in particular, as dogs of bodyguards. And you know what, this is not a very simple task, because many pit bull terriers stubbornly refuse to bite a person. To get the dog to cling to the mitt, it is necessary to awaken in her the instinct of the predator, to convince her that it is a fascinating game that will not harm anyone.

Only in this case from the pitbull can be achievedThe performance of bodyguard functions, and very reliable, because no dog in the world has such a grasp as a pit bull. To bite, as much as possible, pit bull terriers have the mouth of a decent shark.

When he was a fighting dog, he had toHate other dogs, but by no means people. The most fanatical of lovers of dog fights could even kill a dog if she growled at a man. In any case, it was unseemly to have a dog that growls at a person, because this is a sign of fear that the pit bull did not need to know at all.

Character and description of the pit bull

Conclusion: The American pit bull terrier is one of the least aggressive dogs in the world in relation to man. However, like any other dog, he is capable ofGo against their own nature, to make a pleasant host. Therefore, from it, you can make a bodyguard and even a killer dog. But the same can be obtained from a poodle or a Yorkshire terrier. It is also true that it was much easier to get from them, because compared to the bull terrier, these dogs are much less balanced, more nervous and more aggressive towards the person.

Unfortunately I must say that the psychos aroundEnough. But they do not really want to train poodle killers. Therefore, they prefer to buy puppies of fighting breeds. This led to the fact that some zealous ministers and politicians in different countries, unfortunately, made the following conclusion: "If the psyche buy combat dogs, then it is necessary to destroy the fighting dogs." They propose to pass a law according to which dogs of some breeds will be subjected to castration and sterilization. First and foremost, we are talking about the pit bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, the Argentinean doge, the rottweiler, and so on.

It's like saying - "We will prohibit football,To stop the riots in the stadiums "or" We will destroy the knives, because from time to time, some men kill their wives instead of cutting bread "

But back to the history of originPit bull terrier, which many mistakenly consider a huge or giant dog. This is not true. A fighting dog should be deft and compact. The most suitable specimens are those who weigh between 13 and 25 kilograms. The heavier specimens are obtained from crossing with other specimens. Someone may object, - "In general, what kind of breed are we talking about?"

The fact is that the pit bull terrier is not recognized asbreed. In some countries, he is not allowed to participate in exhibitions and other events held by the Federation of Cynologists. Quite right. Let this not a real breed, however, somewhere it is recognized. In the US, there are 2 clubs that patronize this breed and register it. It is a united Kennel club, founded in 1878, and also the American Association of Canine Breeds, founded in 1909.

In fact, the first dog, registered,As an American Staffordshire terrier was a pit bull terrier. But the name pit bull caused indignant grimace among the benevolent citizens, because the word "pit" means a pit for combat. Thus, the name pitbull terrier was not officially recognized. These dogs could only be registered as American Staffordshire terriers.

Description of pit bull terrier

But it can not be said that this breed was createdSupporters of StarForers, not pitbulls, because the breed remains so if it does not cross with other breeds and is monitored, tattooed and officially registered in a special book for generations.

Opponents of pit bulls also lead anotherArgument, arguing that they can not be recognized as a breed, since they do not differ in uniformity. It makes no sense to say that all breeds of dogs, especially those that combine working qualities and external beauty, include different types. Sometimes these are small differences, and sometimes more significant.

There are functional reasons for this. The natural evolution of each breed is that dogs change their appearance year after year. Thus, it is absurd to say that a pit bull terrier is a less thoroughbred dog than an Siberian husky or a German shepherd in terms of its uniformity.

To pitbull terriers are hostile still because,That they consider them potentially dangerous dogs, uncontrollable and not amenable to training. Unfortunately, the dissemination of this opinion was not greatly facilitated by the mass media, even without knowing about which dog, there is a speech. Now we will talk a little about it. We have already talked a lot about the potential pit bull danger, but we can give you a lot of examples when it's far from the truth.

Rejecting the accusation of danger pit bull,Let's go over the statement about its uncontrollability. Opponents of pit bulls claim that genetically it remains a fighting dog, so it is impossible to train such dogs together, because they do not listen to the orders of the trainer, but only rush at each other and tear each other into the blood. However, as a trainer with 30 years of experience, I can tell you that this is complete nonsense. Pitbullies are well trained together. With them it's easier to work in a group than with German shepherds.

There is one more erroneous statement, ostensiblyThe pit bull can not become a bodyguard, because he does not obey the order "Give it up!" If it clings to something, it can not be forced to open the jaws. It turns out that this dog, clinging to the ball during the game, is doomed to die with hunger in an embrace with it.

But seriously, the American pit bull terrierAlso releases the victim on command like a boxer or a German shepherd and even better, because deep down he does not believe that a person can be a villain. And after he lets go of the victim, the pit bull behaves innocently, as if nothing happened.

Pitbull perfectly performs all the training commands.

But we, of course, do not want to convince you thatAmerican pit bull is a sweet, pet dog, because it's not. He remains an unbeaten fighter, a lump of iron muscles, in which a lion's heart is enclosed. He also remains a dog aggressive towards himself, if not to accustom him to communication at an early age. If he starts to have fun, this fun may seem too fierce for the enemy, even if it is a question of the 80 kg German mastiff.

Character and description of the American pit bull

Pitbull can not just bite. He has an iron grip and if he decides not to unclench his jaw, then they can only be unclipped by sticking a stick between his teeth. There are pitbulls that open their mouth, but they must be taught patiently and persistently, resorting to games and encouragement, as well as with dogs of another breed.

Pitbull Terrier likes to play and has evenA certain sense of humor. He understands jokes, understands when to represent a circus dog, although this does not correspond to his natural self-esteem. Well, what if the hostess wants to ride with a friend on the carousel.

His extraordinary dexterity allows himPerform such spectacular stunts as jumping on a tree. A rare dog is able to do such tricks. But this does not mean that the American pit bull makes such tricks under compulsion. Even someone who does not understand dogs well will understand that they play and have fun all the time. Jumping, exercising, or grabbing a stick, the pit bull simply takes a break and shows his courage just like a child who develops while riding a bike or skateboard.

The task of parents not to let a childExposed himself or others to undue risk. Similarly, the master's task is to keep the pit bull in certain limits, although sometimes it is even difficult to imagine what this dog is capable of.

From the point of view of morphology, the pit bull terrier shouldTo remain a fighting dog, not because it should be prepared for battle, but because of respect for its origin and that work on breeding the breed that has been done to this day. If in the past it was a fighting dog, it must preserve the physical characteristics of the fighting dog, even if it is now used as a room dog, for protection or participation in agility competitions.

Why Pit Bull Terrier, not AmericanStaffordshire terrier, no Doberman, Great Dane, Rottweiler? In fact, there is no answer to this question and at the same time there are hundreds of them in the sense that each person should choose the dog most appropriate to his lifestyle, requirements and aesthetic principles. Pitbull Terrier is not such a big guard dog, like a terrier, for example. But he does not have saliva. It is smaller in size than the other fighting dogs.

Pitbull with a girl

This is the perfect indoor dog. And also because the pit bull perfectly coexists with dogs of other breeds. Pitbull even allows another dog to pile his paws on his head, although in battle pit bull calmly would have it. He also gets along with cats, very kind to children. And all this for one simple reason - he rushes only at the enemy. With someone who is not his enemy, he does not fight and it's the end. Whether it's a two-legged or four-footed creature, the pit bull will not pay attention to it if it does not get angry.

I've often witnessed when dachshunds, YorkshireTerriers, chihuahua or other breeds of dogs are very angry pit bull terrier for their thoughtless behavior. Why did he not tear them apart? Everything is very simple. The owner asked the pit bull not to touch these dogs. We have already talked about this, but we will repeat it again - for a well-educated and well-trained bull terrier who always got along with a man, the owner's word is the law.

Therefore, the former killer dog today turnedIn a balanced working dog that can safely work in a group and perfectly perform all the teams. Therefore, in the so-called pet therapy, there was a project to use pitbulls in the rehabilitation of children with problems. In conclusion, we recall that the pit bull terrier is a born athlete. He should always be in great shape. It is not always easy for him to have a flexible way of life. Therefore, you can use a variety of simulators, such as a treadmill, which is so like pit bull.

One thing to remember is that it does not existKiller dogs, there are only killer people. The dog's fault is that she loves the wrong person. But if he finds a good biped friend who can establish friendly, trusting relationships with the pit bull, the pit bull will be dangerous only for criminals. For the rest - big or small - it will be a gentle dog, able to give you his friendship and love. And the one who lives with the pit bull will be able to understand the phrase I once heard from one dog breeder. This phrase at first evokes a smile, and then it seems to be pure truth - "In the world there are only two breeds of dogs - the pit bull terrier and those that would like to become it."

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