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Power of breed German dog, puppy's diet

A very important factor is nutrition. It depends on the proper development and health of the Great Dane.

Feeding the breed of the Great Dane, their diet should be well balanced, So that the dog receives an adequate amountNutrients, namely proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fibers, vitamins, mineral salts. The basis of the diet of an adult should therefore be well-cooked rice, boiled meat and vegetables.

Do not feed the dog with meat. An adult dog needs 700-800 grams of meat, no more. While a nursing bitch needs a lot more. It is desirable that there were two meals a day: morning and evening. The amount of food is determined by the size, weight, age and physiological condition of the Great Dane.

Now, specialized companies produce ready-madeDog food with the aim of providing large breeds of dogs with a full nutritional complex. (Read article: Which dog food is better) Some of these products are designed to meet the specific needs of both puppies and adult Great Danes and thus avoid a disproportion in nutrition that can damage the growth and health of animals.

At the age of 2 to 8 months on the growth of a puppyThe Great Dane is heavily influenced by external factors. During this time, some deviations in limb development may develop, signs of hip or elbow dysplasia, neck stiffness (wobble wobble syndrome). A huge number of studies conducted on puppies of the Great Dane, have determined the huge role of nutrition for their further correct growth.

Diet of the puppy

If you allow the puppies of the German dog to eat,It is noticed that their growth occurs at a faster pace, in contrast to the Great Dane puppies, who are fed strictly according to the recommendations, and their final weight, when they become adults also more. But, in this case, more often there are violations of the development of bones. The same shortcomings are manifested when puppies of the Great Dane, although they eat rationally, but are overweight, which significantly harms their normal growth process.

In the diet of a puppy of the Great Dane must be observed Balance of calcium: Deficiency of calcium is fraught with spontaneous fractures, while excess calcium can lead to disruption of the formation of bones and cause osteoarticular disorders.

In order for a puppy of the Great Dane to developHarmoniously it is necessary to monitor the consumption of energy-intensive food for them and carefully monitor the changes in its weight. During the growth of the Great Dane puppy, it is impossible that he should gain more than 150-200 gr. Per day (which is equal to the daily average weight gain of 3-4 g / kg of adult weight). The more we indulge in rapid growth, the greater the likelihood that the Great Dane puppy will be susceptible to probable bone-joint disorders.

Reduction of the availability of fats in food makes it possibleNot too much restrict the daily diet, and therefore not too "upset" the puppy and its owner. If the diet reduces the amount of fat, the content in the protein feed automatically increases. But it was tested in practice that the protein content in the feed does not affect the growth rate of the Great Dane puppy or the formation of their skeleton. It is also necessary to refuse the addition of calcium if the diet contains at least 1.4% calcium.

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