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German dog training

When your dog learns the first concepts of pre-training, You can start a real serious training of the Great Dane.

One of the first exercises is to walk on a leash. Walk with the dog, leading it to your left on a leash about 2 meters in length.

Go in a straight line, easing the tension of the leash, ifDog will run ahead, and then make a turn around, slightly pulling the leash. At the moment when you turn around, the leash will stretch and the dog will begin to pull for it, even in the opposite direction. Let's say that your German dog has learned to walk properly on a leash. But how will he behave if you let him go? Here comes the force of such a moment as a subversion.

At first, this exercise should be performed inA quiet and secluded place where nothing can distract the attention of your pupil. Stock up with a few slices of meat or dog rusks and try to release the puppy. After a few seconds, start moving away in the opposite direction, beckoning him to his name. Most likely the puppy of the German dog will rush to you. Wait for it and immediately reward it with a delicacy.

With the help of such an exercise the puppy of the Great DaneWill begin to associate the urge with encouragement, and therefore without hesitation will run up to you. True dogs of this breed are of an independent character. But if you reserve enough patience, the results will not keep you waiting. Having taught the puppy to respond to the nickname, you can start working out the command "Sit!". Stroll by walking, holding the dog to your left, and then stop and say the word "Sit!"

With your right hand, gently pull the leashUp, and left click on the area between the croup and the loin of the puppy, forcing him to sit down. Once the dog correctly does this exercise, encourage it with a treat and praise. After several exercises the dog learns to sit down on command.

It should be emphasized that as soon as the dogWill master these skills, she will start using them as if they were inherent in it by nature itself. Therefore, if you can no longer give time to this type of exercise, do not try to ensure that your friend, whenever you give him the appropriate command, performs it perfectly.

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