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The Great Dane is the history of the breed and the origin

The Great Dane, in the form that we admire today, is the result of careful selection conducted by passionate admirers of this breed.

In its origin, it has common roots with numerous breeds of large dogs, whose ancient ancestors were Tibetan guard dogs.

What do the cynologists tell about the history and the origin of the breed the Great Dane.

Hypothesis regarding the origin andThe spread of the Great Dane was developed in the works of the most outstanding cynologists, based on the evidence of ancient and new authors, as well as archaeological finds. According to the opinion of many dog ​​handlers, this breed of dogs was brought to Europe by nomadic Asian tribes in the course of their aggressive campaigns, migrations and trade with Europeans.

In the future, crossing with local dogs, sheGave the name of the breed, the Latin name of which sounds like cannies familaris dekumanus and from which a German species of hunting dogs soupaker originated.

These Hunting dogs Presented in many works of painting andGraphics of that era. They have docked ears and a powerful physique. At the same time, they differ in frying and flexibility, which gave many researchers a reason to consider them the result of crossing the guard dog and the greyhound produced in the 12th and 13th centuries. Not all dog handlers, however, adhere to this opinion. Many tend to see the ancestors of the Great Dane in the swarm dogs used to hunt wild boars.

In different parts of Europe, such dogs receivedA very different name and only closer to the 19th century they were isolated in Germany in a separate breed. Since then, more and more often there are descriptions and images of large guard dogs that can not be equivocally labeled as daughters. Since 1891 to this day, the breed has undergone a number of successive modifications, which marked its slow but continuous evolution.

The 20s of the 20th century became an epoch of extraordinaryThe heyday of this breed. One of those who played an important role in its development was Count Carl Brazwoll, who, under the brand name "Alania", brought out a number of individuals with excellent exteriors and characteristics. And in 1923 founded the society of dog lovers, which set as its goal - the protection of this breed. The subsequent period, unfortunately, was not so successful. The 2 nd World War, of course, dealt a heavy blow to dog breeding. In the postwar years, work was intensively carried out to restore the lost genetic heritage. Only in the 60s there were dogs worthy of this proud name.

Here it is necessary to mention the fruitfulThe activities of the Count Wiederda de Sanclere of Lates on Garda, engaged in the breeding of danes since 1958, investing in this business all his strengths, passion and giving the breed an exceptional harmony of forms while simultaneously fixing in it those properties of character that always characterized calm and balanced danes. Today among them there are many individuals who are approaching the standard and excellently show themselves at national and international exhibitions.

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