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Breed wolffish: photo and description, the nature of the dog, the price of the puppies


Volkosob is not a simple breed, but a hybrid German shepherd and she-wolf named Naida. By and large, many stories of crossbreeding of dogs and wolves are known. The same hawks or Siberian husky have wolf blood. Although such crosses are not so easy to produce, because those born of such puppies often have an unstable psyche. They can be both cowardly, and extremely aggressive, do not give in to training, look ugly.

Volkosob is a successful experiment of crossing a dog and a wolf

As scientists have learned the success of crossing the dog andThe wolf depends on the genetic material of the wolf. In order for the resulting hybrid to have all the makings of a dog and be well trained, the wolf-parent must not be innately afraid of people. And for a wolf, this is a behavioral deviation.

Such a rare she-wolf was once found. She lived with a hunter in one of the deaf villages and was brought up by a man from two weeks old. Naida from the first days showed special friendliness to people and lived up to three years on the chain, while the neighbor did not want to decorate the house with a stuffed wolf. The hunter refused the deal, but decided to put the trustee in good hands. Naida appeared in the Perm Institute of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and was involved in the reproduction of hybrids.

From it, three generations of wolf cubs, tolerant to humans, with controlled behavior, are obtained.

The father of the first two litters of wolf-dogs was the Baron - the black dog of the German Shepherd, then Naidu was already knitted with one of the wolf-dogs for obtaining hybrids with 75% wolf blood.

Character of the wolf cub

Unlike other breeds of dogs, the wolf-cube has unique qualities. For example, they have more developed intelligence. Hybrids were in the lead on the general course of training.
During testing, the hybrids were looked for"Offender" in a limited space for 15-20 seconds, and the dogs needed 3-4 minutes for this. Because the dog is wasting time studying the terrain. And the wolf-cub determines the control points and immediately finds the person hiding.

Volkosob has a stronger grip and sharp fangs. From the capture even a training suit does not save.

From their wild ancestors wolf cubs inheritedAn exceptional scent, which is 5-6 times greater than the doggy. "Hot trail" they take in the air, find the violator of the border, even after 12 hours. They can also detect a three-day trail.

At the same time from dogs, they got a love for people.

They do not know how to bark, but they howl like dogs.

Hybrids are much sturdier and stronger than ordinary dogs, they are less sick. Able to live a record number of years for a dog - 25-30 years.

They serve at customs, in the army and in the police,Well proven themselves in the search for illegal tie-ins to oil pipelines. They can even be used in medicine as diagnosticians. Volkosoby by smell can distinguish the blood of a person who is sick with oncology.

Relations with the owner of the wolf cub is veryTrust, but to achieve this, a person should be able to exercise sufficient rigidity and be an indisputable authority for a wolf-cat. That is why these hybrids of dogs and wolves have not yet received recognition among the general population. Such a strong beast needs an even stronger master, and not every person is capable of such a thing.

But when the owner changes the wolf cubs adapt to the new man much easier dogs, which is very convenient in their service, where often employees change.

Externally wolf cubs are very similar to wolves and therefore they are already actively used in cinematography. So in the film directed by Pavel Lugin "Wolves" they are removed, and not wild animals.

Their color is gray wolf, as well as black with spots and even dirty white.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

Officially wolf cub puppies not for sale. They are handed over For rent In power structures: the Ministry of Internal Affairs, OMON, FSIN. Therefore the price of Wolfcall puppies is unknown.

Photo of the Wolfobel breed

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