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German Shepherd

You have purchased a German Shepherd puppy, and now many different questions arise daily. The first question is where is it better to equip its rightful place.

German Shepherd is unpretentious and can live as inHouse, and on the street, in an enclosure (up to air temperature -10 degrees). In the house, she should take a place away from both draft and heating batteries. A well-cleaned, dense carpet is placed on the floor.

That the puppy at night was less worried and quickly got used to you, you can put your old thing in the place of his rest.

It is desirable to have a paddock at the same time. Puppy is better to take out for a walk immediately after eating. But only after he has received all the vaccinations.

Adult dog is better to walk before eating: Breakfast and dinner. She needs an hour's walk a distance of a couple of kilometers, preferably away from the roads and people, so that you can unfasten the leash. A sports dog needs more active training on simulators and obstacle course.

German Shepherd is one of the smartest and easiestTrained dog breeds. Because of the puppy from the first day you can learn the commands. First, accustom to his nickname, rewarding with delicacy for the right reaction. Next puppy should master the command "To me", which is better to give after attracting the attention of the nickname.

Delicacy for a correctly executed command can be pieces of meat, bread, cheese, cracker. You can not give candy, chocolate, sugar.

Important rules for keeping a German shepherd

The first walks should last no more than 5 minutes. From the age of three months their duration should be increased to half an hour. For a walk it is better to take a toy, gradually studying the command "Aport". Do not play the puppy with the big dogs, and also run after the birds, cats, etc. Otherwise, it will become a habit to run after other animals.

German Shepherd

It is not necessary to punish the puppy after a while, but at the time of committing the offense or immediately after it. Otherwise, the dog will not understand what it is being punished for, and will simply be afraid.

You can not allow the dog to feed your dog even with friends, especially strangers.

That the dog developed a clear hierarchy: The owner - the members of the family - the dog, it is necessary that all members of the family should be trained as soon as possible. Otherwise, she will obey only the one who trains her.

To wash the German shepherd costs only atSignificant contamination and preferably not more than once every two months. To wash it is necessary warm water with shampoo for dogs, as a last resort - children's shampoo. After washing, the dog needs to be wiped off and provided with a draft without draft. It is better to wash after an evening walk, especially in winter, so that by morning the wool has dried out.

In dirty weather, the paws and abdomen of the sheep-dog are simply wiped with a damp cloth.

The dog should have two bowls. One is always with fresh water, and the other is for eating. Food should not be standing all the time. If within 15 minutes after filing, the dog did not eat or ate everything, the food is cleaned exactly until the next feeding.

That the dog does not growl when family members takeHer bowl, the puppy should regularly take a bowl, giving the command "Sit!", And then return the bowl. You can shove your hand into a bowl, making sure that this gesture does not cause growl. To achieve obedience, it is necessary to spend a lot of time, especially taking into account the irrepressible appetite of small predators.

German Shepherds have one feature. When they get used to a clear feeding time, they begin to demand food 10-15 minutes before the hour comes. In order not to develop this not always a comfortable habit, it is better not to adhere to a clear feeding time in the puppy, varying it, plus or minus half an hour.

A 1-2 month old puppy is fed 5 times a day, a three-month-old puppy is fed 4 times a day; From 4 months to 6 months - three times a day; From 7 months and older - twice a day.

Every year an adult dog needs to do all the necessary vaccinations and, first of all, from rabies.

Applying these simple rules of keeping the German shepherd you will provide your pet with a healthy and long life.

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