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Diet of the German Shepherd

When feeding a German shepherd with naturalFodder is the basis of the diet is meat. It is especially important for puppies, because it plays a major role in the formation of muscles and skeleton, contains all the substances necessary for a growing organism.

Only in meat there are irreplaceable amino acids,Which are not synthesized in the body and must be supplied with food. Meat can be anything but fat pork. Low-fat pork should be given occasionally and boiled, because it often contains larvae of ribbon worms.

It is better to cut the meat into pieces, rather than grind into minced meat,He is worse absorbed. A great nutritional value is cooked by-products: liver, heart, stomach. Bones in large numbers cause constipation, and the tubular bones of the bird can injure the stomach. Therefore, the dog can occasionally give only a large "sugar" bone. Meat in the daily diet should be at least 30% of the total food.

Partly it can be replaced by cottage cheese and sea fish. The fish is also given in raw form and boneless 3-4 times a week. Cottage cheese can be given to the dog daily, especially to puppies. The egg should not be given in its entirety, the crude protein is too allergic, so only a raw yolk or whole boiled egg is enough, but not more than twice a week.

Dietary diet for a German Shepherd puppy

Feeding the German Shepherd

Milk can be given only to puppies until it isCauses indigestion, adult dogs, it is contraindicated, as a disturbing metabolism. But very useful dairy products - fermented, kefir, yogurt. Groats are fed in the form of cereals. The most nutritious are rice and buckwheat. Cereals are cooked on low heat under the lid for no more than seven minutes.

In the daily diet, their volume should not exceedthirty%. Bread can be given a little by replacing cereals or in the form of biscuits used as a treat. Vegetables, greens and fruits are needed as a source of vitamins. German Shepherd can be given any vegetables in a fine-shredded or grated form, flavoring with vegetable oil. Also useful are some wild plants: dandelion, nettle, young leaves of plantain.

They are steamed with boiling water and crushed in puree, andThen add to feed. You can not give legumes to shepherd dogs (peas, beans, lentils), potatoes, flour products (vermicelli, sweet bread, semolina), salted and marinated foods, any sweets.

When feeding a German Shepherd with dry foodIt should be borne in mind that its most important component is the protein. The composition of professional feeds includes high-quality varieties of poultry and beef, Fig. Feeds in the class below are made from meat of lower grades, as well as corn and wheat. The food of the economy class is more often composed of offal and low-grade cereals.

Also, dry dog ​​food can beComplete and incomplete (Complementary food). Full-blooded fully satisfies the needs of the dog and can be the only source of nutrition. Non-fulfillment is used as an additive to meat rations or as a diet for certain diseases.

The diet of the German Shepherd should correspond to the age, weight, physical loads of the dog and its health condition.

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