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How to choose a puppy of breed German Shepherd

In this article, you will learn how to choose a puppy of the breed German Shepherd. You will know what points you need to pay attention to when choosing.

Choose a good puppy of the German Shepherd,Is not a simple task. It is due to the fact that the breed has become very popular nowadays and has not a small demand, and often unscrupulous breeders in the pursuit of quantity sacrifice quality

Before buying a puppy, you must firmly decide what the dog is for, for service purposes, or it will become a friend of the family.

How to choose a German Shepherd puppy? Inspection

Just note that you do not need to choose the firstOf the puppy, since the first impression can deceive you, even in the litter of champions, not all puppies can be the same. It is very difficult to guess, but the champion needs to be raised. When raising a puppy you need proper nutrition and some basic knowledge and skills, just remember that the exhibition career of the dog does not last long, about 5-6 years.

It is necessary to ask the breeder how muchThe puppies were in the litter, according to the rule, the bitch can feed no more than ten puppies, as it is less exhausted and the pups are properly healthier and sturdier. A breeding bitch should not bring offspring more than once a year.

More frequent use leads to depletionOrganism of a bitch, and this indicates the weakening of the litter. Puppies should be uniform, similar to each other, about the same size and height, bitches at birth are slightly smaller than the dogs. Look closely at the puppies, how they behave, how they play, how they move, and only then choose the puppy you like. With the permission of the owner of the dog, take the puppy and examine it.

Wool should not be very long, should notThere are no combs near the ears and neck, eyes without any discharge, the ears are clean without a smell, the smell from the ear shells indicates rotting. The baby should be moderately well-nourished, the mucous membranes are clean and pink, the eyes of the eyelids are close-fitting.

The backbone of the German Shepherd puppy must beStrong and strong, the forelegs are straight, strong and strong. If they are curved or if the hind legs are twisted, this is a sign of rickets. If the joints on the legs are large, then the puppy will form a good bone; When he grows up, the joints will not seem too big. Paws of the puppy should be compact. With thick pads and dark claws. Pay attention to the puppy's teeth. He must have a scissors bite. Pay special attention to the position, length and slope of the croup. The hip should be of the correct length. It is desirable that the puppy has a wide shoulder girdle, a short back and a loin and wide enough hips.

Puppies of the German Shepherd

Hind legs should not be with superfluous arrivedFingers, paws should be strong, crusty, the tail should be without breaks and pathologies. The muzzle should not be sharp, the forehead is not wide, the gap between the forehead and the muzzle is pronounced, the ears should not have standing tips, up to 3-3.5 months, this indicates the ossification of the auricles, which means there is a violation of the calcium balance.

Puppies aged 30-40 days, can have eyes withBlue shade, then this shade disappears. In no case do not take light-eyed or disagreeable puppies. The bite should be exclusively scissor-shaped, with a gap of about 1-2 mm. There should be no fused teeth, this will affect the exhibition career of the dog. If the parents are black, then the puppies should be black and tan, the more they fall, the better. If the mother looks thin and tired, it's not scary, in her position it is acceptable. Mother after childbirth can shed, it's just as normal. Cal at puppies should not be liquid, not stable feces speak about intestinal diseases.

How to choose a German Shepherd puppy? Character

Puppies should be fun, playful andCurious. If the puppies, tousled with a swollen tummy, this may indicate that the puppy has worms. The nose should be wet. Pay special attention to the health of the eyes and ears. Check the animal's hearing, do not loudly clap your hands and look at the reaction of the puppy.

Approaching the final stage of choosing a puppyGerman Shepherd, I want to add another important point. When choosing a dog, you need to look at the manifestations of the puppy's inner traits, which is one of the main aspects. Look at how the puppy behaves, how he eats, how he plays, how he behaves with his fellows, and how he explores the world around him. Dog breeders always distinguish from the litter of puppies, which manifest themselves in certain nuances, especially in mutual understanding with man.

German Shepherd puppies should not be moodyState, passivity. They should have an interest in contact with the world around them, in learning everything new. If the puppy shows interest in the environment and in intelligence activity, then he should be sharpened his attention, and if he still confidently keeps in the environment of his fellow men, then from such a puppy a bold, faithful and serious dog will grow up. If at an early age the puppy growls and tries to bite you, then it speaks of a not stable psyche, but not as not about courage and courage.

Foreign dog breeders do not recommend taking awayPuppies from the mother before 50-65 days, because during this time the dog begins to realize itself as a dog, it begins to build character and psyche. In the future, it is easier to raise. In Russia, the dog is being taken away from the mother before this time, in order to save, but this is neither, nor the best option.

Choosing a German Shepherd Puppy

In this article, we reviewed the most importantAspects of choosing a puppy of the German Shepherd, they will help to make the right choice and buy you a reliable, courageous and brave four-footed friend. About feeding of German Shepherd puppies read here

Good luck to you and all the best to you and your future pet!

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