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How to buy a good German Shepherd puppy

The peculiarity of the German Shepherd is that of a puppyThis breed can grow a dog of almost any purpose. It can be a guard and a hunter, a guide and an exhibition handsome, a policeman, a shepherd, a pet or even a movie star.

Therefore, before choosing a puppy, you need to clearly understand why you need it, what kind of dog you want to raise. It is not superfluous to simply make a list of the necessary qualities of the dog.

Already with the ready-made list, you can refer toBreeder for the puppy. He will help you to choose the right pet. For example, you need a working dog or a reliable watchman at a private house. Then you will not be offered a more expensive German shepherd, from which an exhibition beauty or a good breeding bitch can grow.

Even if you do not hesitate, Do not buy an exhibition puppy of a German shepherd, not going to expose it. If you need a home dog, you need to chooseHealthy and temperamental baby, and if the goal - a service dog, then to the same qualities of the puppy must be added ingenuity. In any case, the beast must be balanced and not hysterical when something does not work out.

Bitch or male?

When choosing a gender, it is worth considering that the maleLarger and more threatening. They are good guards, strong workers, hardworking hard workers. However, the year-round instinct of reproduction and the desire to dominate the territory makes them less obedient. If you need a more loyal friend, intelligent, delicate and with more rich emotions and complex psyche, it is worth choosing a bitch. She is less than a male and two estrus a year can cause some inconvenience. But in terms of character and ability to the true bitch is preferable.

Buy German Shepherd puppy inexpensively

Where to buy a puppy?

Of course, in the "bird market" you can buy a puppyGerman shepherd cheap. But, getting a puppy is unknown to anyone and from incomprehensible parents it's easy to get not what you wanted. Especially if you are the first to choose a friend. A kid may not only be not pedigreed, but also have a number of shortcomings and health problems that will later cause a lot of trouble and money costs can far exceed the amount you allegedly saved.

Therefore, it is better to choose a puppy from the breeder, alreadyProved to be from the best sides. In this case, you will get a healthy dog ​​for your personal requests, as well as comprehensive information on its further feeding and education. Also the breeder should give out the list of made and the plan of new inoculations, dates of anthelmintic actions, puppy card, veterinary passport.


The cost of a German Shepherd puppy depends onMany factors: the purpose for which you acquire it, the eminence of parents, the fame of the nursery, and so on. She can fluctuate from 100 to more than 2000 dollars.

When choosing a puppy, pay attention to its appearance. He must be strong, rather well-fed, but agile. Eyes should not water. The coat should be shiny and clean, with a rather pleasant smell. He should not bite himself and itch, but the belly should be clean, without pimples and red spots.

If you use these simple guidelines, you can buy a good and healthy German Shepherd puppy that will please you for many years.

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