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Breeding of German Shepherd Dog: male, female

In order to conduct proper breeding of German shepherds, a minimum of three days and not less than two weeks for preparation is necessary.

At the same time, there are definite terms for the frequency of matings. So knit bitches are recommended not more than once a year, that is, through one estrus. Dogs can not be knit too often, otherwise his offspring will not be of high quality. It is worth paying attention to the parameters of dogs.

For example, if the male is large, then the bitch needsLook for a small one, so that the offspring will be standard, and not discarding. And vice versa - a large bitch is better to pick up a small male. It is better to mate the German shepherds in the dog's territory. So he will feel more confident, and the bitch will become supple and timid.

The basic rules of the German shepherd's mating

The place should be protected from other people's eyes, but notClose, without traumatic angles. The first knitting bitches are recommended for the third estrus - about a year and a half. The same age is optimal for a dog. But it is not necessary to reduce two inexperienced animals. It is better if one of them is older and with a positive experience of mating.

German Shepherds are quite heavy animals andSo when mating must necessarily be present hosts. A bitch better secure under the belly, so she does not sag from the weight of the dog. Two or three weeks prior to mating, both animals need to drive away the worms, and also remove the fleas and prevent mites.

They should also be given all the vaccinations. The female is ready to knit for three days between the 9th and 20th day of the estrus. Each dog has its own period and can be identified by special signs. For example, when stroking on the back, it starts to pull the tail aside, and the discharge becomes almost colorless.

Before knitting German shepherd is better not to feedMinimum 4 hours. Also it should be walked. To mate on dogs you need to put muzzles, because the bitch can snap. If the mating has passed correctly, a lock forms between the dogs: they can not separate for a while. This can last up to an hour.

It is at this time that ejaculation occurs. When forming a lock, the dog is difficult to stand in the cage and the owner should help him to move his hind paw through the croup of bitch. In this case, all the time the castle bitch should not be allowed to lie down so that she does not hurt the dog. If the lock does not work, the dog must be held in the loop of the bitch for at least five minutes. This, too, can be quite productive mating.

After mating the dog can walk, and the bitch is better not to let the hour go to the toilet. In a day, you should repeat the mating to be sure of a positive result.

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