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German Shepherd description of breed, health

People who love and respect the German Shepherd must remember - these are service dogs. Good Service dog Must be simultaneously beautiful, and for dog breeders beauty is functionality and clever, that is, with a balanced temperament.

Alas, here problems begin.

Modern dog breeders, trying to create and too beautiful and too smart a dog, actually create two different animals.

Now the true service dogs have eitherAverage, or ugly appearance. Exhibition show handsome men lack intellect. Perhaps this duality destroys the breed, but it's impossible to go back. Nobody wants to give up trying to combine the results achieved in these two areas, because these are remarkable results.

But you should know that a person who wants to buyOfficial puppy for working use, you will have to choose parents who can not pass on to the offspring of special beauty. And the one who needs a puppy to participate in exhibitions, should not expect from him working qualities. The fact that a dog can not wait for a maximum: both mind and beauty does not mean that a beautiful dog should not be demanded of the right character. Otherwise, it can not at all be called a German shepherd.

If we continue to work in this direction, the breedThe German shepherd will not know the decline predicted by ill-wishers. The main thing is that the producers are both beautiful and smart, and not super beautiful, but with drawbacks in part of the character.

How in one animal can such aDifferent qualities? An explanation in the history of domestication of a dog. There is the concept of neoteny - the preservation of some features of a puppy in an adult animal. This is a complex concept. But the essence of it is this: a baby, even a wild beast, can not live independently. Hence, it is easy to make him dependent on a person. Rather, sometimes he can not get rid of the puppy.

An adult dog is almost impossible to raiseSuch dependence - it does not need anyone to survive. Therefore, the domestication of the wolf from ancient times was to inhibit the mental development of the young at an early age, by long selection. This means that any dog ​​has a psychic development of the wolf cub. But in different breeds, a different level of such immaturity.

Development of the psyche of some breeds of shepherds watchmenStopped at a very early stage and corresponds to the consciousness of a 2 month old wolf cub. Wolves of this age are very distrustful, therefore watch dogs are afraid and are trained to bite unknown people. Therefore they are ideal guards, but could not become, for example, reliable guides. In dogs, whose psyche is inhibited at an early stage, there is also a lack of compliance with the hierarchy. Therefore, cubs learn the order in the school and recognize the roles and its members in 4 months.

Such dogs do not recognize the owner as the leader, butThen less obedient. The opposite example is a Siberian Laika. Their consciousness is inhibited at a later stage. Therefore husk is confident in itself, nobody is afraid and can ask a heat to anyone, including a thief. But it is more independent and its submission to the master is also not unconditional.

German Shepherd occupies an intermediate positionBetween the 3 rd and 4 th stages of psychological immaturity. German Shepherd - an eternal puppy, it means, depends on the person. At the same time, it is sufficiently open to the world. In addition, and this is very important, the German shepherd is able to understand and follow the hierarchical rules of the pack, which in our case is a human family. Therefore, the German Shepherd can carry any service, if it is certainly grown, educated and trained correctly.

German shepherd with unimportant genes neverWill become beautiful, no matter how hard its owner tried. However, the reverse is also true: a beautiful dog that is poorly kept may lose its beauty in a few months. It is not uncommon for beautiful specimens to score very well and to score very well and even well because of a change of host.

Nutrition, hygiene and exercise - that's,Which determines the difference between the champion and the average dog. For more information, see the article "Feeding the German Shepherd". Particularly important is physical activity. The dog should not be alone for long in the garden, contrary to the opinion of many. In the garden, the dog will most often lie. To achieve the beautiful form of the animal, it must be thwarted in the literal sense of the word. But nevertheless heredity plays a major role.

So, to get a beautiful dog, you have to buySon of beautiful parents. However, this will not give a full guarantee. The son of 2 fine dogs can become handsome and not too smart. However, the son of mediocre dogs in most cases will grow mediocre. The fact that there were rare exceptions in the history of the breed should not give us false hope. These are exceptions, and extremely rare. How to recognize a beautiful German shepherd?

Black German Shepherd Dog

Very simply - having studied the standard and characteristics of the German Shepherd. We will not bring him in full. The one who needs it will find it in the books about the German shepherd and learn it by heart.

Let's dedicate a few words to the health of the German Shepherd

In particular, hip dysplasia, severe hip joint pathology. In mild cases, it causes lameness of the hind limbs. In severe depriving the dog of the opportunity to walk.

This disease is mistakenly regarded as specificThe problem of the German Shepherd. It can hit a dog of almost any breed. For large and medium dogs, especially the rapidly growing risk of dysplasia is higher. In the largest dogs, the incidence rate is alarming. The German Shepherd, however, tolerates the disease well.

This can be seen from the statistics. Amateurs believe that only the German shepherd is suffering from dysplasia, because it was sheep dogs' clubs that first sounded the alarm, reporting a high incidence and prompting owners to check their pets. Dysplasia is largely a hereditary disease, which means that the children of the sick individuals have a greater risk of getting it. At the age of 1 year it is necessary to expose dogs to fluoroscopic research and necessarily exclude carriers of this disease from reproduction of individuals.

By the way, it is necessary to dispel the myth that dogs thatSeek drugs themselves use them and so persistently seek them when they suffer narcotic withdrawal. This common tale is simply ridiculous. But there is some truth in it. The dog really wants to get his drug - a toy, which she will be given as a reward for the service.

It must be remembered that The game is the only way to the heart of a German shepherd. Through the game, she learns to perform any tasks. Therefore it is necessary to play with the puppy, starting from the tenderest age. Balls, shreds, rubber rods - these are our tools. German Shepherd, playing and having fun more and more attached to a man, giving pleasure to him. That's why she is considered a star in the canine world.

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