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Standard and characteristics of the pug * DogSecrets.ru

Externally, the pug makes the impression of a firmly knocked down stocky dog ​​with a powerful physique and compact musculature. Head large, rounded, not narrowing to the top.

The cranial fold is absent. Muzzle short, without sharp corners, regular shape, not bent to the top. Wrinkles are clearly visible on the muzzle.

The eyes of the pug are dark, very large, spherical. The look is meek and as if asking. When the dog is excited, her eyes are already shiny, flare up with fire. Ears are thin, small, soft as velvet. They are of two types: rosette, that is, very small, bent backwards, due to which the inner spiral and the button are visible, i.e. the curved tips and the tips adjacent to the skull, as a result of which the internal channel is not visible.

Preference is given to the 2 nd namedVarieties. For the pug, such an anomaly of the bite is characteristic, as prognathia is a shift of the lower jaw, the upper incisors go in front of the lower ones. This is considered a serious defect. The lower jaw should be wide, the incisors should be placed almost in a straight line.

The neck is slightly curved in the arch, it has a mane. Strong, massive, but at the same time long enough to provide a proud landing of the head. The forelimbs are very powerful, straight, of moderate length, well concealed under the trunk. The shoulders are set obliquely. Hind legs are powerful, of moderate length with very fat thighs. When viewed from behind, they are straight and parallel.

Paws should not be too long, likeHare, nor too round like a cat. The fingers should be well-bounded from each other and have black claws. A short, squat body has a well-developed chest and powerful ribs. The outer profile of the back should be horizontal without depressions and protuberances.

Pug's standard and its characteristics

The tail is high and should, as possibleDensely to adjoin to a back. It is desirable that he folds into a double ring. The coat is thin, smooth, soft, short and shiny, but not hard and not rough. The suit can be silver, apricot, red or black.

In this case, any of these colors should be goodIs expressed, forming a clear contrast with the trace or black stripe that stretches from the back of the neck to the tail and mask. Spots should have distinct boundaries. Muzzle or mask, ears, specks on cheeks, a label in the form of a diamond on the forehead and a trace on the back should be black.

The gait is characterized by a slight wagging of the backParts of the body. When viewed from the front, the dog rises and falls while walking. In this case, the extremities do not stick out beyond the line of the blades. The paws should be facing forward, in no case backwards or outwards. When viewed from behind, the dog's movement looks as measured. The forelimbs should have good stretching, greater flexibility.

Pug belongs to small breeds of dogs.

The standard size of a pug is expressed in kilograms. The ideal weight is from 6.3 kg to 8.1 kg.

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