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Preparation of the German Shepherd for the course of general training (OKD)

There is a huge desire to raise a dog thatWill obey you and only you? Look into the eyes, catch the gestures, the first sounds of the team, adjust to the mood? The dog can not only do this, but also wants to do with pleasure.

The main thing is to know how and from which side to "approach" toThe dog. For general training, you will need: one puppy for three months, a long lead of five meters, a muzzle and a lot of free time from the main job. Up to three months of the puppy should not be trained for the simple reason that it is not advisable, waste time in vain.

In these months, give the pet care time forAnd protect from contact with other dogs, to avoid plague. Seriously approach the choice of food. Many dry feeds are on sale, and you can not worry much about your pet's stomach. Each animal, as well as a human, has a different character. And if one or another approach is acceptable to one dog, then the same approach is completely inappropriate to another.

Preparing a German Shepherd for OKD

The animal must be felt. German Shepherds are easier and easier to train. It is believed that they have much more brain volume than those of other breeds. The dog is fearless and resolute. You should always be on guard with her, if you are on a walk, in a public place. The withers instantly rebound at the sight of a stranger or other animal.

But this is at the stage of adolescence, so to speakAdolescence. While the dog received little education. At once it is necessary to precipitate the leash with a jerk, thereby precipitating its fervor. With age, the animal becomes calmer. But you, as its owner, are more irritable. Because each case, to which you take seriously, takes some of the rest.

Interesting quality of the German Shepherd is thatShe can change the owner and with equal ease obeys and performs commands of different people. Therefore, when planning to deal with a pet's training, remember that it will be somewhat painful and insulting for you, if your dog will execute the commands of another person on the site, and you will not pay any attention to you.

It should be noted that the high intelligence of the GermanShepherd turns into some dead-end situations for her master. Namely, some commands the dog misses through its own filter, unknown to human psychology. So, for example, under the command "Fas", the German quickly orientates himself in the situation. Are they afraid of him or are they not afraid? What is in the hands of the object? And anyway, is it worth to rush, if it can be harmful to his health? Therefore, prepare yourself to begin your daily activities, walks, day regimen. And peace. Only peace!

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