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When puppies of a German shepherd get their ears and how to put them if necessary?

The ears of the German Shepherd puppies begin to rise at the age of 2 months, and this process can last up to 5 months. If at 4 months the German sheep-dog ears are no longer worth it, this is cause for concern.

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For dogs of small breeds this period comes yetbefore. If the puppy's ears are too soft and just hang with rags, then at 3 months, urgent measures must be taken. The fact is that during this period of the dog's life there is an active growth of all tissues of the body and it lacks biologically active substances that are responsible for the formation of cartilaginous tissue.

Therefore, first of all the puppy should be supported with appropriate preparations that will strengthen the ear cartilage. This is a top dressing:

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  • Senor,
  • Pax + Fort,
  • Antioxidants +,
  • Mega,
  • Complexes of Vision products.

How to put the ears of a German Shepherd puppy?

As soon as the ear gets stronger, you need to immediatelyMove on to the next stage. To do this, you need to determine whether you need to glue the ear. With the tips of the thumb and index finger, the auricle is clamped from the outer and inner sides and probed. We need to find a "weak spot".

This is either a strip, or a small "spot". If this place is clamped between two fingers, the ear should immediately rise. If such a spot is located in the upper third of the ear, then the ear will rise itself and a gluing is not needed. The main thing is to continue feeding the puppy with biologically active substances. If, however, a strip is felt across the entire ear, then the ear hall is formed and a gluing is mandatory.

Otherwise, the ear will forever remain hanging. First you need to cut your ears to remove excess weight from them. This can be done with a machine or take the puppy to the grooming parlor. The ear is cut from both sides. Now you need to take a band-aid. You can choose a hypoallergenic type of Hartmann patch.

He lets in the air, and his ears do not pierce. From the plaster cut two strips along the length and width approximately like an ear. One strip is pasted on the other, the non-adhesive side on the sticky side. All this is glued from the inside to the ear, starting from the tip of the ear and up to the first convolutions of the auricle. The same operation is done with the second ear.

After that, you need to cut a small strip, a little longer than the circumference of the ear. The ear is twisted into a tube so that there is a void inside the tube. At the base of the ear sticking adhesive.

If a puppy of a German shepherd does not have both ears,Then with the second the same procedure is performed and two horns are obtained. They need to be fixed with a band-aid, having fastened together a plaster. With such horns, the puppy should take about 5 days, then the patch is removed. It is simply neatly cut and removed in several stages.

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