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History of the Pug breed

When in the 17th century Wilhelm Oranski sat on the English throne, together with the Stuarts, the royal quarters left the lapdog. Instead of her, a pug from Holland settled on the silk cushions of the boudoir.

The same fate befell the lapdog a century later andin France. While Madame Pompadour, the mistress of Louis XV, did not survive the lapdog, her successful rival and successor fed from a golden saucer of her favorite pug.

He was decorated with a gold collar, on a diamond lock which was engraved with the Count's coat of arms. This allowed the pug to be not too friendly with strangers and to pinch for the roes of the ladies interfering with him.

A little later, under the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte,The courtiers who wanted to gain confidence had to allow the spoiled Fortune poo, owned by Napoleon's wife Josephine, to bite herself and drive her out of her pillows. In the eighteenth century, the courtesan Clemens August von Cologne established the Pug's Order (a small golden pug on a red ribbon).

History of the Pug breed

This funny live dog with a gay spunThe tail and short muzzle gradually becomes one of the favorite breeds in Europe. In the form of a pug, pendants for watches and chains, rings and tips for smoking pipes and walking sticks were made. Nine dissimilar porcelain figurines of the pug were made by the hand of the famous Kendler, the master of the Maister Porcelain Manufactory. English potters made the best-selling clay and porcelain figurines of the pug. Often, such figures were placed on the fireplace, so they were called fire mites.

Gradually the pug moved from palaces toTown houses. Here, the attitude towards him was simpler. Often, it was unnecessarily spoiled, fed with various sweets, and overfed. And, of course, it's not his fault that gradually he became a fat and capricious phlegmatic, the subject of ridicule.

And yet, contrary to all predictions, the pug did not degenerate. He found his admirers, who appreciate his virtues, which he, believe me, has a lot.

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