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Alaskan Malamute: a description of the breed, the nature of the dog, the price of the puppies, photo

Alaskan Malamute

Who would have thought that this wonderfulArctic dog, designed for harness, will become a favorite pet of many dog ​​breeders and just animal lovers. The Alaskan malamute is even called a "northern or snow train". This dog is able to adapt to the harshest conditions of the north, where there is eternal winter, frost and snow. At the same time malamutes are very hardy and strong. They can drag a sled with a person or a cart with things a few kilometers. Alaskan Malamute is considered one of the most ancient breeds of sled dogs. The name of the breed comes from the name of one tribe that lived in the west of Alaska.

General description of the breed Alaskan Malamute

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
Security features
The size
Attitudes towards children

Alaskan Malamute

Malamute is a very friendly, strong,Hardy, sociable dog that desperately needs human attention. This breed is distinguished by an amazing intellect and incredible stubbornness. Congenital stubbornness and strong character explain the constant desire of the malamute to "rule" other animals and even their masters.</ P>

Alaskan Malamute can be called"Working" dog. Work and physical activities for her are vital things, without which she can turn into a lazy, weak-willed, stupid animal. If you decide to become a happy owner and master of malamute, then you are very lucky: after all, in this dog you will find kindness, optimism, generosity, devotion and love. But it is worth noting that someone who is looking for true friendship, will find it, making friends with malamute, but one who desires obedience and obedience, must walk past this dog.

Malamute is often confused with the Siberian husky. True, they have some common features in appearance, but on this their similarities end. First and foremost, the malamute differs from the husky by its stubborn character and incredible stamina. Siberian Husky can also be harnessed, and he can even win in the race, but he can not drag a huge burden for a long time for several kilometers.

Despite the fact that the malamute is slightly larger andSlower than husky, this dog "on the shoulder" any hard work. Malamutes are really the biggest dogs among all the riders. The reason for this dimensionality is a powerful backbone and musculature.

It is interesting to note that, despite the enduranceMalamute in severe "glacial" conditions, in the warm season they feel uncomfortable. Then they need careful and special care. This is due to their thick wool and the same thick undercoat. But if the malamute got into his environment, then he can leisurely run around the clock. At the same time, there will be no shadow of fatigue on his face.

History of origin

Girl with Alaskan Malamute

The history of the malamute is very interesting. As mentioned earlier, the breed received its name from the tribe of the Malemutes, who lived on the banks of Alaska. The Malemutes were a very industrious and peace-loving people. The first ancestors of the modern Alaskan malamute were well-groomed, powerful dogs with excellent and thick wool. They faithfully served their masters, ran in harnesses and even helped to haul heavy boats.

At the beginning of the last century, Alaska overtook the "goldenfever". This favorably affected the development of the breed. The demand for malamutes increased. Numerous gold diggers flooded the lands of Alaska in search of gold, but many of them perished, and did not get to the place. Only those who used the team with the Alaskan Malamutes as a means of transport succeeded and succeeded. These events and facts were even captured in the adventure novels of the famous writer Jack London.

But, despite the fact that the number of malamutesIncreased, there were also negative sides of such interest and demand. Gold seekers feverishly tried to cross the dog with all possible breeds, in order to bring the individual with maximum speed and endurance. But because of these "experiments", greed and chasing after gold, pureblood malamutes left only a few litters.

Alaskan Malamute

Fortunately, the "gold rush" was replacedSports. Now Americans are interested in toboggan races and spent time and money with excitement, in order to restore the breed and make it as clean as possible. After all, only with the purebred malamute you could win in the races on sledding. Only by 1926 it was possible to achieve positive results and significantly increase the population of purebred malamutes. From this moment the breeding of purebred Alaskan malamutes begins.

In 1935, the breed was recognized throughout the world,Was even established a special club and issued a standard. But, unfortunately, the tragic events that occurred during the Second World War led to the fact that there were only 30 thoroughbred malamutes around the world. The fault was that there were people who simply left the dogs dying of hunger. But there have even been cases when expeditors conducting research in the Arctic, after using dogs, blew them up unnecessarily.

The next restoration of the breed began afterThe end of the war in 1947. A huge amount of effort and material was spent so that only by 1960 the population of Alaskan malamutes increased, and there was no question of the disappearance of the rock from the face of the Earth. In the early 70-ies malamutes "flooded" the countries of Europe. To date, the Alaskan Malamute occupies an honorable 18th place in the top thirty of the world's most popular breeds. And in 2010, Malamute was recognized as an honorary symbol of the United States.

The character of the Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute with puppy

Malamute is very friendly andFriendly dog. He just loves to be in the spotlight. Therefore, it is perfect for a large family with young children. He can always play the role of nanny and participate with the kids in active games.

Despite the fact that malamutes love their loved ones very muchThey are people and are able to stay strong and permanently attached to their masters, yet they will constantly demand from the person reciprocity. This is a schooling dog, which simply needs to be in the family, whether it's a dog family or a human. Malamute in any case does not accept content in a closed cage or prolonged loneliness. In this case, the dog can close, lose confidence and even love and respect to you.

Yes, it is worth noting that the Alaskan Malamute, inThe difference from many of his four-legged brethren, is not a pet of one master and for life. It is only once to undermine confidence, to offend the malamute or to lose his respect, as he immediately shifts his interests to another person. It can not be said that this is a betrayal on his part, the whole point is that this breed is very stubborn, clever and can quickly get bored of a number of regularly repeated and monotonous actions. In other words, if you daily, several times order a pet to bring your slippers or a newspaper, then he can take it as a disrespect and remember for a long time.

Alaskan Malamute

In connection with this nuance, the Alaskan MalamuteIt is strongly advised not to purchase novices in dog breeding. For lack of the necessary experience of education and communication with dogs, the beginner will make mistakes, which in the case of this breed will be unforgivable.

The stubbornness of the malamute substantially interferes with hisTraining and training. But the most interesting is that because of their curiosity and unsurpassed intelligence they are able to remember all the teams from the first time. They even fulfill your requests and commands, but no more than 1-2 times. After that, they just get bored repeatedly to repeat the bored actions, and they lose interest in the whole process of training and training.

It should be noted that if you were struckThe impressive size of this dog, and you decided to purchase it as a reliable guard of your property, then you can not try in vain. Despite its size, strong paws and a powerful backbone, the Alaskan Malamute will never take advantage of this "arsenal" to manifest aggression to any person. This is due to his natural friendliness and kindness. Malamute will never rush to a stranger unless he poses a real threat to him or his master. To all your guests and just to those who will go into your house, the malamute will treat you warmly and kindly, without a shadow of aggression. The only thing you can frighten a stranger in the case of malamute is his impressive size.

But sometimes it happens that due to an incorrectUpbringing or because of the psychological trauma suffered in puppyhood, the malamute can become an uncontrollable aggressive animal. Experienced breeders and veterinarians do not recommend purchasing a puppy with such inclinations, and if such a puppy still came to your house, then in no case can it develop aggression and try to direct it against people. As a result, all aggression and anger can turn against the masters themselves. Therefore, at the first aggressive attacks malamute must be strictly suppressed, but if you can not cope with the problem yourself, then the dog should be given to specialists.

Appearance and standard

Alaskan Malamute

At present, there are 2 main types of Alaskan malamute:

  • M'Lut - for this species is characterized by the most diverse color: from black-gray to white-blue;
  • Kotzebue - representatives of this species should be painted exclusively in the "wolfish" color.

The difference on the physical plane is thatMal'mut M'Lut - are stronger, larger in size, mobile and aggressive dogs, rather than representatives of Kotzebue. Many breeders and dog breeders are actively arguing about which of these varieties should be considered a real malamute. But it should be noted that the breed standard was not written by people, but by nature and history itself.

General Standard: Key Features

Alaskan Malamute is a veryPowerful, strong, mobile, sled dog. She is tightly built, her chest is deep, but the body is compact enough. The body is covered with thick, stiff hair and a thick, but soft undercoat.

The height of males is from 60 to 63 cm, in bitches from 57 to 59 cm. The average weight is from 35 to 38 kg.

The head should be broad, powerful, reflectiveThe presence of intelligence. Despite its large size, it is proportional to the trunk. The muzzle is also bulky, but in no case elongated or pointed. Ears malamute have a triangular shape, standing and graceful. They are set broadly and are slightly rounded at the tips.

The jaws must be powerful, the teeth large,Sharp, frightening. Lips tightly fitting. Scissor bite. The eyes of the malamute must have an amygdala shape, they are small in size and brown in color, they are put slightly obliquely.

Alaskan Malamute

The nose of the nose should be painted black, except for the red malamutes: their nose may be brown.

The neck is strong and slightly curved, which givesMalamute extra grace and become. The chest is very deep and wide. She gives them growth and a reason. The back should be straight, and the waist is muscular and sturdy. As for the tail of the dog, then it must boldly curl, and in a calm state it is proud to rise above the back.

The wool of the malamute is its main distinctiveFeature. After all, this is a northern breed, so nature has conceived a rigid ostevaya base, under which is hidden a thick and soft undercoat. For better heating and for "waterproofing" the malamute wool is always slightly greasy.

Alaskan Malamute

Color is allowed from light gray wolf, to black and white and even blue.

The limbs of the Alaskan Malamute are even andAre parallel to each other. Paws are powerful and bearish. They are distinguished by a strong bone structure and developed musculature. The most important defect and deficiency are blue eyes.


Dogs of the Alaskan Malamute breed live on average from 12 to 15 years

Number of puppies in litters

Alaskan Malamute, as a rule, is born 5-6 puppies in the litter

Maintenance and care of the Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

Despite the fact that the Alaskan Malamute is a very beautiful and noble dog, it still needs special and thorough care.

As for water procedures, this dog does notPull out of the water, how much she likes to swim. Since the malamute possesses a smart thick wool, in the hot season the water procedures are vital for it. But there are specific features that need to be considered. Although if you do not care much about the "exhibition" appearance of your pet, then the next tip can be omitted.

It's about the color of malamute and some nuancesBathing: white and dark spots should be washed with a variety of detergents. This is due to the fact that white wool is more dirty, and dark spots can lose the color depth and shine from the wrong shampoo.

Alaskan Malamute

Most importantly - thoroughly rinse the coat fromDetergent residues. After the malamute procedures, it is necessary to dry thoroughly. Otherwise, the hair can roll down, and the dog can get sick at all. And the drying can take about an hour of your time. As it is necessary not only to dry, but also to comb its thick wool, which is often "disobedient".

During the molt, the dog will need your help. Like the other quadrupeds this process occurs in the spring and autumn. During this period, the undercoat and basic wool must be combed daily and thoroughly. Otherwise your pet has huge coots, and your dog will fly down in your apartment.

The malamute has very long and sharp claws, soThey must be periodically cut or sewed. Eyes should be wiped at least once a week, the ears should be cleaned at least once a month, monitor the discharge from the nose.

As for the specifics of the content, hereIt should be noted that the Malamutes are very fond of digging pits. Even if he is in the apartment, he will not give up hope and will dig the floor. It's not fun, but rather a natural instinct. Do not forget that the malamute comes from snowy Alaska, where they find food only under a layer of snow, which must be digested. It is almost impossible to get rid of this habit of malamute, and that is why the best place for its maintenance will be a country plot or a summer residence.

The apartment does not fit malamutu also becauseThis is a very freedom-loving, active and moving dog. Limited space and the Alaskan Malamute are 2 incompatible things. But the most important reason why representatives of this beautiful breed can not be kept in an apartment is its dimensions. She does not voluntarily destroy everything around her, and occupy precious square meters.

Training and training

Alaskan Malamute

If it comes to training and education, thenIt is necessary to immediately recall the stubbornness of this breed and its indomitable desire to dominate over all. To start education is necessary from the very first days of the appearance of the puppy in your home, while having patience and will be reserved by will power to bring it to the end and overcome many troubles.

Malamute is an immense lump of energy andEnthusiasm. He is curious, quickly grasps. And it will be happy to do everything until it gets bored. And when tired - will go back on track. Here you must include the leader, the leader of the pack, but do not overdo it. You can not put pressure on the malamute, remember his specific temperament.

Never forget about the impressive sizeMalamute. For example, when the puppy was still very young, you could not resist his kindness and warmth, and allowed him to sleep with him on the bed / sofa, and when he grew up a huge dog, you decided to wean him. You are unlikely to get it, most likely, you yourself will eat from your favorite couch, rather than be able to shove off a huge malamute.

Malamute is a schooling dog and needs a leader. The owner should become not only her friend, but also a leader, otherwise she quickly "take it into her own paws". To become its leader and leader, it is necessary to show respect to the dog, to achieve her trust.

Malamutes intellectually developed and constantly"Thinking" dogs. They themselves will assess the situation, and decide whether to obey them or not. Therefore, its behavior must be monitored continuously. You can not lose sight of even the smallest faults.

There is one key to success, which will help the owner"Curb" the temperament and stubbornness of the malamute - this is work and exercise. They need work, as well as in food or water. To all were happy, the pet needs to be loaded with work, but in which the host will necessarily participate. Such work and exercise can be frequent outdoor walks, active ball games, long cycling or riding, and even a picnic where the malamute can help carry food or water.

How to choose the right puppy of Alaskan Malamute: where to buy

Alaskan Malamute

After you have decided on the nursery andCame to get acquainted with a potential pet, proceed to visual research. Pay attention to the behavior of the youngster: it must be active, mobile, with a good appetite. Outwardly the puppy should look healthy, with shiny thick wool, clean ears and eyes. The ears should not fester. Check all vaccinations, as well as the condition of his stomach. After all, the most frequent health problem in malamutes is a stomach turn. Also check the references for the parasite run.

If there is such a possibility, then be sureGet acquainted with the parents of the puppy. Check their rewards and pedigree. Observe their behavior: after all, the cub is a reflection of the parents. Do not grab the first malachute-bugger you offered. Spend at least an hour watching all the puppies. It is very important to notice the latent or obvious aggression in time. This puppy should in no case be purchased. It can turn against you.

The most important thing is that between you run a spark of mutual understanding and love. Only in this case you can get a true and loyal friend and companion.

The price of Alaskan Malamute puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles

The cost of puppies from the Alaskan Malamute begins From 10 000 - 12 000 rubles For dogs without a pedigree. From 15,000 to 30,000 Rubles are individuals with a pedigree. Price for puppies of Alaskan Malamute From 30 000 rubles And higher among elite dogs, whose titled parents are winners of prestigious dog shows.

Interesting Facts

It is interesting and useful to know that

  • Malamutes love everything and everywhere to dig and can not cope with it;
  • These dogs participated in the most famous and important scientific expeditions;
  • Alaskan Malamute - the symbol of the "gold rush" and the talisman of the discoverers in Alaska;
  • Malamute is an integral "attribute" and a participant in certain sports;
  • Alaskan Malamute acted in the legendary feature film "White Prisoner".
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