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Puges diseases of the eyes, ears: symptoms, treatment

Diseases of pugs can be divided into three categories. The first is a common disease that affects all dogs, regardless of the breed: plague, rabies, hepatitis.

The second category is specific diseases of the breed, caused by special pedigree signs:

  • Folds on the muzzle,
  • A shortened muzzle,
  • An unusual structure of the skull,
  • The location of the eyes.

The third category is diseases that are inherited through genetic information. Let us consider in more detail the second and third categories.

The most common diseases of pugs

Why do the eyes fall out at the pug and other eye diseases peculiar to the breed

The most expressive breed of pugs isBig eyes with a languid look. However, this dignity is the source of various health problems. Relatively safe, but at the same time a common disease is infection and inflammation caused by trauma to the cornea.

They can be triggered by stiff jabsGrass, the ingress of sand into the eyes or solid dust particles. At the site of the injury there is a small sore, which then increases, the inflammatory process begins. Preventive measures are difficult to take, except that do not walk with a pug on the street.

But if you find such an injury, do not needWait until it disappears, procrastination can lead to loss of the eye. Therefore, after the injury of the cornea, you urgently need to contact the veterinarian. Pug owners are often frightened by a disease such as the fall of the eyeball from the orbit. This is not in itself, but because of a strong blow or because of a bite by insects.

This, of course, is a very unpleasant sight, whenThe eye of a pet is literally hanging on a thread, but fortunately, such cases do not happen so often. Do something yourself in this case is not necessary and try. Since you can only aggravate the situation and lead to a change in intraocular pressure. It is necessary to attach a moist bandage to the eye and urgently take the dog to the veterinarian. More common eye disease in pugs is glaucoma.

The disease develops due to an irregular structureEyes, when the outflow of blood from the organ of vision is disturbed. As a result, increased intraocular pressure, eyes are filled with blood and become swollen. These obvious symptoms can be successfully avoided if you start treatment after the first manifestations of the disease:

  • photophobia,
  • Permanent reddening of the eye,
  • Swelling of the eyes in the evenings,
  • The dog suffers from a headache, which manifests itself in a lethargic and depressed state, the desire to rest his head against the wall.
  • The pug looks foggy, the pupil expands, with the progression of the disease there is lacrimation.

Help in this case can only specialist veterinary clinic. Otherwise, the dog will forever remain blind.

Ear diseases and others associated with the type of appearance of pugs

It so happened that the most attractivePedigree signs of a pug are also a source of health problems. In addition to eye diseases, many troubles can deliver wrinkles on the face. The skin of the folds should be constantly wiped with a special solution or antibacterial lotion for children without alcohol, and then gently moistened with a dry cloth so that there is no moisture left.

Remains of food, dust andPieces of street debris. Such an environment is very favorable for the development of bacteria and the appearance of pustular inflammation. This disease is called intertrigo. Pugs also have dermatitis and allergies, which can be seen from the characteristic formations on the skin, the loss of hair by pieces (as if a pug has chewed a moth) and the constant scratching of the dog in the absence of fleas.

The structure of the pug skull leads to narrowingAuditory meatus. Therefore, otitis is another common disease of the breed. The best prevention is regular cleaning of the ears and avoidance of water entering the ears. It is difficult to treat otitis from pugs, therefore at the first signs of inflammation it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Obvious symptoms - Pug responds poorly toSounds start to ejaculate. To the diseases of the breed is the increased tendency to obesity. If the appearance of an overly well-fed dog is not so terrible, then it is worth remembering that obesity in dogs is not just overweight, it is inevitable problems with the heart and the work of other internal organs.

The life of such dogs is shorter than that of their slenderTribesmen. If you see that your pug has started to gain weight quickly, then it's time to choose a diet for him. Diseases transmitted by inheritance A frequent disease in pugs is juvenile demodicosis. It is caused by a microscopic tick and develops against a background of weakened immunity. It occurs in dogs under the age of 1 year.

Symptoms of juvenile demodecosis are similarRingworm, as manifested in alopecia skin areas. Accurately diagnose the disease will help only scraping. If you do not immediately treat the disease, then the defeat of the skin around the affected hair follicles begins. Pustules and fistulas are formed, and bald patches become more and more.

Treatment consists in appointment by the veterinarianMedicines, as well as in the treatment with special detergents. The key to success is to increase the immunity of the dog, so treatment is carried out in a complex: the regime of the day is revised, a special diet is made.

Another common hereditaryThe disease is Perthes disease, which manifests itself in the violation of the hip joint. The disease manifests itself at the age of 4-10 months. The main symptom is pain in the paw, the puppy begins to limp, avoiding resting on the diseased limb. In severe cases, the disease immediately affects two legs, the muscles on which gradually atrophy, and motor activity becomes impossible.

An accurate diagnosis can be made only afterX-ray, and if Perthes's disease is confirmed, then only surgery will get rid of it. It is extremely difficult to live with this disease to a dog, as it brings a lot of physical suffering and deprives the joy of a full life.

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