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Brussels, Belgian, Brabant Griffon: description and photo


Meet the breed of dogs Griffon. Learn more about the nature, care, maintenance of dogs of this breed.

From the French language, the name of the breed is translated as "wire-haired" - a small clue about what griffin is to the touch.

This breed combines three varieties: Brussels, Belgian and Brabant Griffins. Each other dogs have a structureWool and color. The Brussels griffin is always red and coarse, Belgian - too, but its color can be black, black and tan and mixed (when the black coat grows mixed with the red). Brabants are painted in the same way as Belgians, but they are smooth-haired. Griffon - strong, agile and fast. It is not for nothing that in the past these dogs, capable of penetrating to places where large dogs could not turn, were sent to the stables and barns with grain to catch rodents.

He is small, bearded and looks at the worldShining, wise eyes, as if he knows the answer to any question. Griffon is a mighty dog ​​living in a small body, fearless, faithful and, thanks to her unique appearance, looks like an attentive old man.

Griffin: characteristics

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History and character of Griffon

The modern type of breed was formed from affen-pinscherAnd a pug. The latter gave the griffin a smooth coat and a skull shape. It is the pug "guilty" in an unforgettable and funny expression on the muzzles of these monkey dogs. He gave the breed a special bite and a short muzzle.

Just like their ancestors, griffons quickly graspAll that they want to teach. They seem to understand that the command given by the owner or the trainer will be useful to them in the future, and they master it enterprisingly.

In addition, griffins are not stubborn - they do not needHours to persuade to take a barrier or go to training. Moreover, their favorite occupation is to follow the owner everywhere, in any weather and under any circumstances.

Brussels Griffon

The Belgian griffin as an independent breed was recognized only at the end of the 19th century. Approximately from the same time, the royal family became interested in dogs, and after the breed was named national.

In Russia, the first griffin came only in 1993. And if at the end of the last century nobody heard about these dogs, now this breed is quite recognizable and popular.

Griffon is fearless and reckless - any ideaHe will support the owner. Even if tired or not slept, will not grumble, and run after you even to the end of the world. But, despite being responsive, a pet of this breed requires proper respect for its person.

Do not try to forget that you have a dogEven if circumstances insistently demand about it - the griffin should be walked around, and, despite the miniature size, walks should be long enough for the dog to run into.

And these dogs are very fond of walking. Of course, they will be arranged for 10-15 minutes on the street, but if the owner has time and the walk promises to be long - the griffin simply glows with happiness.

Although griffins can not help but evoke emotion,You can not spoil them! A small dog needs not only love and affection, but also independence. He will try everything himself, study and decide for himself what can be done, and what is opsano. The pet is happy to recognize the authority of the older dog - if you have one - and try to copy her behavior, but at the same time, as much as possible, and the habits of the owner.

It is better never to limit (withinReasonable) freedom of their dogs for walks. Griffon surely will approach a foreign animal and get to know him. Perhaps at first you will be afraid, but then you will understand that nothing terrible will happen to the dog.

Griffon training

Gryphons can and should be trained. Firstly, taking a dog, you must make sure that your pet brings joy not only to you, but to everyone who lives near you.

On demand, the griffin (and any dog)Must perform several most necessary commands: "To me!", "You can not!", "Nearby!", "Sit!", "Foo!", "Stop!". These teams during walks will ensure the safety of your dog.

In addition, the griffin is very mobile, strong andInquisitive dog, who need physical activity. And the dog's life is much better and more interesting, if she gets new impressions and learns something.

Many train and educate their petsOn their own, someone prefers the general course of training from a specialist, where the dog, under the guidance of a cynologist, learns, in addition to obedience, to perform the most necessary commands. I think that the most acceptable for griffin is sports - agility. There, the dog not only obediently reacts to the commands, but all the time the training is next to the beloved master, receives sufficient physical exertion and can realize all of his natural "talents" and, in addition, communicate with his brethren and their masters.

Feeding and grooming care

Griffons love to eat. They are not fastidious in food, but they are not inclined to fullness. Nevertheless, to please them with delicacies without measure is impossible - this harms the dog's health.

These dogs are very neat. But after eating it is desirable to wash the face of the pet and dry it dry, so that the food does not dry out on the mustache.

Care for the griffin wool does not take away from the ownera lot of time. Twice a year they need to be plucked, and wash - the less often, the better. Trimming a pet is best entrusted to a specialist, especially if you are going to exhibit a dog.

Do not repeat the mistake of many owners - notShear the dog with scissors or a hair clipper. Coat immediately changes its structure and becomes colorless, soft, no. Petit-brabansons, whose hair is short, does not need to be cut or plucked, and instead of washing it is enough to wipe with a damp cloth.

Griffon content

At home, the griffin must have its own place, where itsNo one will bother. If not, then the dog, like a small housekeeper, will live in a closet, under the bathroom, in bedside tables, on shelves, in cat lodges, under the bed.

Griffons store in their favorite nest all theirThe most "valuable" things and findings: pencils, socks, toys, slippers and other items lost by the owner, than quickly accustom a person to order and accuracy. For this nice habit of griffins are often called Barabashki, Kuzyami and Nathani.

Believe me, griffon is happiness in the house. He always meets, comforts, entertains, makes up the company and even, despite his size, will protect.

He will gladly help (and pickle cucumbers, and pickle cabbage, and clean up the apartment to do). He will follow you literally on his heels.

Griffon will gladly take overResponsibility for your walks before bed, for order in the house, for your quiet sleep. Every evening, when you go to bed, you will surely hear the warm words of love that he whispers to your ear. And then this little faithful dog will reveal to you all the secrets of the world, which are hidden in his big, brilliant and loving eyes.

Photo of the Brussels Griffon breed

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