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Labrador Retriever: standard, specifications, size

Labrador is a strong, dense and very active dog with a voluminous skull, deep and broad chest, voluminous and rounded sides.

Croup and hind legs are strong and strong. Labrador retrievers have a beautiful character. He is very clever, has a wonderful nose, soft lips, loves the water, unpretentious, has a good temper.

Labrador retriever is intelligent, attentive, yielding, ready to serve. He is quite calm, does not show aggression, but not cowardly.

The head is wide and bulky in the skull with pronouncedA smooth stop and cheeks with no signs of slackness. Jaws are powerful, muzzle of moderate length without signs of sharpness. The nose is large with well developed nostrils. Eyes are medium in size, brown or black. The expression of the Labrador's eyes is clever and good-natured.

Ears small and not heavy, quite lowPlanted. The mouth with strong jaws and teeth with an ideal scissor bite, that is, the inner part of the upper incisors densely adjoins the outer part of the lower incisors. The teeth of the labrador retriever must be perpendicular to the jaws. The neck is dry, strong and well muscled.

Standard breed Labrador Retriever

Blades long, obliquely set. The backbone of the front paws is well developed. The limbs are straight from top to bottom, both at the front view and at the side view. The chest is fairly wide and deep, slightly tapering from behind. The sides are rounded. Loins are short, broad and muscular.

Hindquarters Well developed, without sagging in the tail area. The knee joints of the retriever labrador are flexible, the hock joints are low. Paws of rounded shape, dense with arched toes and dense pads.

Tail Is a distinctive feature of the labrador retriever. It is thick at the base and strongly tapering towards the end, medium length, without suspension, but evenly covered with short, thick and stiff hair, due to which it looks rounded, the so-called otter. He can be raised high, but he should never bend over his back.

The movements are free, sweeping, while the paws remain straight and parallel, approaching the midline. Wool is also a distinctive feature of the Labrador Retriever.

Wool Short, straight, tightly adhering, quite tough to the touch. Undercoat has water-repellent properties.

Color Solid, black, yellow or chocolate.

Perfect height At the withers 56-57 centimeters for males and 54-56 for females.

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