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History of the origin of the Labrador Retriever breed

"In these places there are dogs with smooth dense wool, which catch the merlans, escaped from fishing nets on the shore.

These dogs do not hesitate to completely immerse themselves inWater to grab the prey, which they then bring to the boat "- from the fisherman's diary of Aron Thomas. (Newfoundland Island, Saturday, May 25, 1794).

Dogs in question refer to dogs fromSen Jones. In many written sources of the 19th century, when talking about dogs from Canada, the name Newfoundland and Labrador is used. This led some researchers, such as Lord George Scott and Sir John Middleton, to suggest that the labrador appeared as a result of the crossing of dogs used by fishermen plying between England and Newfoundland.

Mary Roslyn Williams, a large breeder and connoisseurBreed does not agree with this theory. She believes that by random selection it is impossible to bring out a dog of pure black color, able to find and bring prey. She believes, since the fishermen did not have time to breed dogs, most likely the dogs from Sen Jones come from working dogs, which were used by peasants in the coastal regions of northern Portugal.

They are called dogs from Castro Laboroiro and exist, and to this day. But if About the distant history of the origin of the labrador knows almost nothing, His recent history is well known andIt is connected with England. The first Labrador breeder was Lord Malsbury, followed by Lady Hall, the hostess of Bencheri and Mrs. Broadley, the landlord of Sendelence, perhaps the most famous plant in the history of this breed. English kennel club officially recognized Labrador Retriever in 1904, and a specialized club was founded in 1916.

At first, only black dogs were bred, yellowCopies were not allowed to reproduce. Mrs. Wormat, the owner of the plant, Knight, who started breeding the best yellow dogs, was a great success. In 1925 there was a club of yellow labradors. The first chocolate champion was Kukrith Bar, drawn by Mrs. Pauling. Chocolate color for a long time remains less common, but now there are very beautiful specimens of this color. Chocolate Labrador is identical to other labradors, but there are slight differences. For example, the wool on the tail is slightly wavy in them.

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