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Labrador content on the street and in the apartment

Labrador should have its own private space, which is allocated to it by the owner. You can keep this breed both in a private house on the street and in an apartment.

Features of Labrador Outdoor Content

How to keep Labrador in the street and in the apartment

If you intend to keep a labrador on the street, thenIs in the yard of your house, then you need to take care of the normal conditions for his comfortable living. Make labrador a spacious enclosure with a warmed box. You can not put this noble dog on a chain or, conversely, just lay her a rug on the street.

In the first case the dog has a pedigreeCharacter beyond recognition, and labradors by their nature are not at all like chain dogs. In the second case, the dog will wander all over the yard, left to itself. It can give you a lot of trouble, digging up your crops or running across a fragile fence to your neighbors.

An enclosure for a Labrador must be spacious andLocated in a place from which the dog opens a good view of the courtyard. It is very important not to forget to feed on time and, most importantly, to give a dog that lives outside the home of a person, because unlike a pet, it can not recall what it wants to drink.

How to keep Labrador in the street and in the apartment

If the labrador lives on the street, do not deprive himCommunication with all household members. This is a very sociable dog, and without communication with the members of her pack, that is, the owner's family, she is very bored. Be sure to walk with a lab outside the yard.

There are cases when a dog, since childhood, has notLeaving the courtyard, then afraid of noisy streets, traffic signals, could not cross the bridge. To all these life situations Labrador needs to be taught from childhood, he should know about the big world that is outside his yard.

Features of the content in the apartment

Despite the large size of the LabradorOwners of apartments are set up. This dog feels great in the apartment, and the lack of physical activity is compensated by long walks. Of course, if your neighbors do not mind from below, you can arrange running with obstacles and at home.

How to keep Labrador in the street and in the apartment

Labradors like to run from room to room very muchFor a ball or playing hide and seek with children. In the apartment the dog is given a place for rest and a place for feeding. A place for relaxation can be any secluded corner in the apartment, it is important that it is not located near the radiators, on the aisle or behind the doors. You can give a dog a rug, buy or sew a special lounger.

Labradors really appreciate their personal space, andIf they are taught from childhood to this, they always lie in their place, even when the master is not at home. In a place for feeding there should be two bowls: for eating and drinking. For these purposes, many owners take their place in the kitchen, but some dog breeders, on the contrary, do not advise it. They are guided by considerations of hygiene and advise to move the place for feeding, for example, into the corridor.

In any case, this place should always beAvailable to the dog, even when she is alone. It is strictly recommended not to allocate space for the dog on the balcony, even if it is spacious and insulated. Some Labradors lack fear of heights, and they can jump off any floor, so it's not safe.

Labrador is a versatile dog that does notNeeds special conditions of detention. It adapts well to any weather conditions. It is only necessary to remember that if the dog spent the first months of his life in a house next to a person, then it will be difficult to accustom her to living in an enclosure. The Labrador will whine and beg for home, not understanding what they punished him for by evicting him into the yard.

The same happens when a street dogMoves into the house. Of course, if your living conditions have changed, the dog will accept this fact and will get used to living in a new place, but you should not move the dog without special need.

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