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Hip joint dysplasia in Labrador: symptoms, treatment

Dysplasia of the hip joint - among dogs of large breeds is quite common. Labradors are often subject to it.

Dysplasia is a defect in the femoral joint, withWhich the head of the femur is rubbed in the acetabulum, entering into it not exactly. As a result, the bone is displaced and osteoarthritis occurs. Dysplasia can be traumatic and hereditary.

When a puppy is taken from a breeder it is impossible to determine heredity and whether the dog will be healthy. Therefore, before the year of the dog, a labrador puppy should be given sparing loads.

Symptoms of hip dysplasia in Labrador

The first noticeable symptom is lameness. Labrador hardly gets up, can not walk much, feels constant pain. This can lead to the fact that the animal will even have to be put to sleep.

However, the dog can limp in many different waysReasons, therefore, to clarify the diagnosis of "hip dysplasia", an X-ray examination of Labrador's joints is necessary. It is done under general anesthesia, because the muscles of the dog should be in an absolutely relaxed state.

Treatment of dysplasia in Labradors

A radiologic test can beProduce only after the dog's skeleton has completed its growth. That is, at the age of one and a half years. But dysplasia, as a rule, begins to appear already at the age of 6-7 months. Therefore, for prevention and treatment of such problems in young dogs, labradors should be given special nutritional supplements:

  • "Gelakan",
  • "Glucosamine",
  • "Gelabon".

They contain hydrolyzed collagen -Special natural proteins, which serve as the main elements in the formation of the right tissues in the bones, cartilage and tendons of Labradors. Also, such preparations contain basic vitamins and minerals in a physiologically balanced ratio. If the degree of the disease is more serious, then other methods of conservative therapy are necessary:

  • Medicines,
  • homeopathy,
  • physiotherapy

In medicamentous treatment more often entersThe use of chondroprotectors: in the muscle, intravenously and in the joint (especially effectively). For the treatment of homeopathic preparations, individual selection of the drug is necessarily used.

Most often used drugs such asTraumel, Zeel, Discus com. Physiotherapy for dysplasia involves exposure to the joint by electromagnetic and laser radiation, heating with ozocerite or paraffin. However, laser devices can sometimes have an aggravating effect. Also, physiotherapy includes swimming, as a therapeutic load.

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