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Collie care

Let's talk more about Care for collie wool. First of all, you should know that the word raph means not long, but rough.

Coarse wool means thick, healthy, strong. Indeed, the collie's wool is not silky, not so thin that it's easy to fall down and get tangled up like many other long-haired dogs.

The collie's coat is coarse and needs only to be combed daily, roughly the same way as the wool of a German shepherd. On the toilet is usually not an exhibition collie will take no more than 20 minutes.

Compare, for the care of the Yorkshire terrier, the weightWhich 2 kilograms, the owner spends an hour or more. After Yorkshire terrier, as well as other long-haired dogs need to curl with the help of hair curlers, so that his coat looks as it should be. The collie needs only to comb. She'll be fine all day. Even if you run around all day, play and play the fool. By the way, you need to wash the collie as little as possible. Because of the shampoo, the coat looks less rough, which means that the main sign of the breed is lost.

Naturally, the exhibition dog is longer. We will talk about it later.

Yes, the dog is really gorgeous. So much that she wants to immediately show at the exhibition, where she will certainly receive, at least an honorable prize. Be careful - being a beautiful dog is not enough to participate in contests. First of all the toilet of the collie should become more thorough, the usual combing is now small.


It should be armed with scissors and prunedRecalcitrant whirlwinds. The coat of the dog should lie as carefully as possible. We cut the hairs from the ears, from the ankles, with the feet. There is a huge difference between the processed foot and the triggered one. Let us examine the lower surface of the foot. If there are too many hair between the pads, remove them. They increase the foot area. If the hair is not too thick, just cut them to the level of the pads. Now let's do exhibition combing.

It is somewhat different from the usual one and requiresGreat effort. It is necessary to remove all the fallen hair. At normal times this procedure is not too difficult, but after it a mountain of wool forms during the moulting of the collie, which fortunately happens only twice a year. After removing the fallen hair, we wash the wool with pure water, preferably distilled, or even better, the rainwater.

Collie wool exhibition

Then, with strong movements, we comb the hair inDirection of hair growth, taking each time in hand a bundle and combing it from the roots of the hair to the tips. Now you can forget about the 20 minutes you previously dedicated to the collie toilet.

Exhibition procedures last two hours. In two days they will have to be completely repeated. But it's worth it. You have never seen a pet's coat so brilliant, airy and lush. We'll sprinkle talc on the back of the collie, her breasts, paws, feet and white spots on her skin will just turn red. The day before the exhibition, it will be necessary to carefully comb out all the remaining talc. Now you can participate in the contest.

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