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Collie Collie, Shetland

A dwarf collie does not exist. But errors are inevitable and we must dispel them.

There is a breed very similar to a collie. It seems like a miniature of our Scottish Shepherd. The truth is that even though this dog is different from a coarse-grained collie, it is also a Scottish shepherd - one of five of its types that we called a collie breed description.

The name of this breed is Shetland Collie or Sheltie. It is bred in the Shetland Islands, whichLie to the north of Scotland. The climatic and natural conditions of this archipelago are so severe that it is extremely difficult for its inhabitants to provide themselves and their livestock with food. They partially solved this problem by reducing their pets in size. Thus, they can survive with less feed. No matter how charming the Shetland collie (Sheltie) is, the standard is not the same as for the coarse-faced collie. No matter how much the baby looks like her larger cousin, she is not a dwarf collie. So, the last secret, connected with the family of Scottish sheep-dogs, is revealed.

In the precise definition of the ancestors of ShetlandSheepdogs (sheltie) do not have a unity of opinions - they were probably long-haired collies, but it is possible that the Icelandic yakks that came to the islands from those whaling vessels that were operating in those parts. Her basic qualities and abilities can be described as a true, cheerful, clever girl: , Is comfortable with both young children and other domestic pets, with a calm-wary attitude towards strangers.

Sheltie is the best choice for a dog for living conditions, where she will not accept a pogrom.

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