/ / I'm afraid of big dogs. What to do?

I'm afraid of big dogs. What to do?

Answer # 1:

Join the ranks of dogtowners :) Joke :) Do not be afraid of dogs, people are much worse than dogs ...

Answer # 2:

Consider big dogs small

Answer # 3:

Continue so to live it correctly

Answer # 4:

A balloon gas, and it is necessary to be afraid, they easily dodge from a stick

Answer # 5:

Buy a puppy and watch as it grows into a big dog, you'll immediately get used to it and there will be no fear

Answer No. 6:

Buy a gas bottle and wear it for confidence.

Answer No. 7:

Start communicating with them. If you want to overcome fear, you need to look directly into his eyes.

Answer No. 8:

Sitting at home and not to go anywhere, or buy a car and ride only by car everywhere there really is not enough dogs

Answer No. 9:

I'm afraid too.) I think it's okay. Just do not quite understand what exactly you mean?

Answer No. 10:

Dogs attack only those who are afraid of themBecause they use the subconscious mind and do not make mistakes even those who are not afraid can for some reason dislike the dog for example they do not like when they carry alcohol from people and can attack and even masters can be bitten so that nothing is afraid of big dogs and they must be guarded. just

Answer No. 11:

To put up with thought and state

Answer No. 12:

Buy a small puppy of a large breed, it will grow and you will understand that they are afraid of nothing :)

Answer # 13:

A year ago I was bitten by a Caucasian, I was afraid of dogs for a long time until I called the Great Dane, now I'm not afraid of dogs)

Answer # 14:

Do not touch them, pass by, calmly

Answer No. 15:

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