/ / Which breed is the most faithful ??? It is desirable statistics, who understands!

Which breed is the most faithful ??? It is desirable statistics, who understands!

Answer # 1:

The most loyal breed of dogs is Laika! She allocates only one master for herself and lives only for him! Extraction kills and brings to the owner!
But she is able to live only on the street, she is not a domestic dog!
And the most faithful and kind ideal for family and soul! It's Labrador and Golden Retriever!
Dogs are super!

But I prefer Dobermans! Although at the very Bigel: D

Answer # 2:


Answer # 3:

German Shepherd!!!!

Answer # 4:

Kind of like a Caucasian shepherd

Answer # 5:

Dogs like people. Each has its own character, inheritance and quirks

Answer No. 6:

All, without exception. There are no particularly reliable breeds.

Answer No. 7:

Moored (Loyalty 30%)
Yorkshire Terrier (Loyalty 90)
The dog lifesaver is considered the most faithful owner!

Answer No. 8:

Akita Inu
In 1932, the whole of Japan became famous for Akita Inu Hatiko. After the owner's death, the dog came to the station for 9 years and waited for him to return from work.

A year before Khatiko's death, near the station "Shibuya" a monument was erected, which became the meeting place of lovers. The image of Hachiko became an example of selfless love and faithfulness.

About Hachiko filmed a few movies, including in Hollywood with the participation of Richard Gere.

But so.
The most faithful breed is one that has a loving owner.

Answer No. 9:

Http: //www.kiwi. Kz / watch / s7zr5ro16r ms
About faithful dogs. Only spaces need to be removed.

Answer No. 10:


Answer No. 11:

It's not in the breed, but in the dog and its owner. All of them are faithful if they love the master, but their master.

Answer No. 12:

The dog's loyalty to its owner depends on the owner's loyalty to his dog

Answer # 13:

What do you understand by loyalty?

If the ability to die on the owner's grave (well, or when it changes), then most dogs do not care which breeds it is not.
If walking behind the owner "tail" with a periodic look in the eyes - so this is not true in the classical sense of the word, but the need for close contact.
If the willingness to obey the first word - so this again is not faithfulness ....

And if just a willingness to follow the owner, worry for him, etc., then this is typical of all dogs approximately equally and depends mainly on the relationship between the dog and the owner

Answer # 14:

But where is the breed? Devotion depends on the nature of the dog and its upbringing and the breed does not affect it in any way

Answer No. 15:

Still kk influences for example ratweller pitbul bulldog sama irrepressible dogs can be

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