/ / What kind of dog can I have if I have a cat at home? (A dog of any size).

What kind of dog can I have if I have a cat at home? (A dog of any size).

Answer # 1:

Any, the main thing to bring up correctly

Answer # 2:

Any. Only a puppy. )

Answer # 3:

Cane Corso

Answer # 4:

Animals like humans have their own character, any breed can react differently

Answer # 5:

Any puppy and not give offense to the cat (if she herself does not drive) my chasing 1.5 year old dog

Answer No. 6:

Puppy of any breed. The puppy will perceive the cat as the eldest. If only the cat did not rebel.

Answer No. 7:

If the dog is large - guard the puppy from the cat. Cats try to show that they are masters and drive puppies. The raised puppy can avenge old grievances.

Answer No. 8:

Any ... Choose from baby dolls to the Great Dane ... You choose a dog for yourself, not for cats, apartments, etc.

Answer No. 9:

Russian Spaniel.

Answer No. 10:

Bichon Frize
Spaniel of King Charles
Japanese Hin


Chinese Crested

Chinese Crested is an elegant dog, andIts growth (about 30 cm at the withers) allows us to call it equal to cats. To the touch, these naked dogs are soft and smooth (with the exception of hair on the neck, head and lower legs, tail). Changes in the density of the cover, giving it a uniform "pubescence," known as "downy fur coat," have a periodic character due to the growth of straight hair on the body of the dog. It would seem that the cat can appreciate in the crested, when choosing a companion for the pet? But it turned out that the same growth - this is not all the advantages of this breed. The most important quality is the presence of a playful, curious and good-natured disposition. Crested are not used to living alone, without owners they often miss and experts recommend not to leave them alone for long. The ideal option is not an aggressive cat that will not let the pocket dog become not naturally shy and sad. But such a trait of crested, like devotion, will not allow her to make friends with another cat. If a friend is one for life.


Boston Terrier

These dogs can be trained to be friends with a cat, butIn certain frameworks. As the name suggests, this breed was developed in Boston, Massachusetts, after the Civil War, as a fighting dog. By 1891, he officially became known as the Boston Terrier.

Most cohabitants point to"Friendly" relationships that are established between a cat and a dog of this breed. These clever dogs with characteristic black and white markings weigh from 4.5 to 11 kg and are easy to train, largely due to their intelligence and determination.
Pomeranian Spitz
Pomeranian Spitz
They can look like small balls of fur,But Spitz weighs from 1.36 to 3 kilograms. This indicator gives them confidence, because they have enough weight in the fight with the cat, in order to knock her off in a friendly way, even if she has a defiant temper. The ancestors of the Pomeranian Spitz were once four times larger than the breeds of the current standard size and were used primarily to protect the sheep or in harness. Today, significantly reduced, this species is known for its loyal attitude to others, activity and playfulness, as well as sharpness of mind. These traits, coupled with excellent training (especially in the presence of a talented instructor) and became the reason for including this breed in our list.
Spitz (whose wool can have any color orHave a color with splashes, but it seems, most often they are bred fried individuals with an orange or red fur coat) is an ideal small dog for the neighborhood with any cat. Even if these two do not become true friends, the educated Spitz will always offer companionship, and this, as the Americans say, is a marriage made in heaven.

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