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A dog or a cat? Why?

Answer # 1:

Sabaka! Because the dog is a friend of man

Answer # 2:

Cat. As the saying goes, the dog is a friend of man, and the cat is a friend of the soul. You will never be lonely, on quiet evenings on the couch watching TV, you can lie, relax, iron the cat. They are much more gentle than dogs.

Answer # 3:

Dog! Because a man's friend !!!!

Answer # 4:

I bring up both a dog and a cat!) The cat has got or started 7 years ago, a dog 2 years ago. I like animals, but they require a lot of attention + money. With a cat calmer, she eats and sleeps. The dog always needs attention, whines, plays, begs for the street. With a dog it is more difficult. And, if suddenly someday I decide to start a little animal, it will be a cat)

Answer # 5:

The dog. The cat does its work where it is not necessary, and the main thing is not to teach where to ... And the dog can be taught what to do, where to sleep, where not to lie, only the main thing is do it when the dog is still a puppy, so it will be better.

Answer No. 6:

Murka. She will not bark at guests and passers-by (cat-murt)

Answer No. 7:

I'm for a dog, I have that terrier, just an amazing dog

Answer No. 8:

Lazy zhopkam - a cat, active lesovickam - dogs.

Answer No. 9:

For me, a dog. I have a cat, but she mocks me. It rushes at me constantly. I dream about the dog. Dogs love me, but cats bite ...

Answer No. 10:

For me dogs, I like them more conveniently and more interestingly

Answer No. 11:

Cat. With a cat you do not have to walk out in any weather in the early morning and late at night.

Answer No. 12:

A cat because she treats people and purrs

Answer # 13:

A horse or a camel?

Answer # 14:

A dog, because it will be faithful, if well educated, and the cat will only eat and everything, and the dog will become a companion.

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