/ / Often there are cases where dogs of fighting breeds attack hosts, with what it can be connected?

Often there are cases where dogs of fighting breeds attack the owners, with what it can be connected?

Answer # 1:

Caring and attention, and the upbringing of someone is notIndicated in this case. A dog, even if the chisha and the like, still the animal and conducts its behavior on the underlying genes instinct. You can correct behavior, but with the adjustment of the instinct still no one could. Hence the conclusion that, as if did not care about the dog and once giving slack with a serious breed, you gave the opportunity to continue not to miss the chance to increase the hierarchy of the dog in your "family" flock. Control is permanent, but there should not be any rudeness or cruelty to the animal.

Answer # 2:

With the fact that the animal is domesticated

Answer # 3:

In life such.

Answer # 4:

They are difficult to train exposed. And the owners do not strongly recognize

Answer # 5:

The master is not sober

Answer No. 6:

When it makes the master die before a much stronger opponent, this betrayal in their opinion.

Answer No. 7:

And, what is this Boyzof breeds?

Answer No. 8:

Incorrect question.
1. Fighting breeds do not happen
2. Bull-type terriers practically do not attack the hosts, official statistics confirm this
3. Dogs of any breed attack the owners only in 2 cases: not the correct upbringing or the dog has a goose leave, which is congenital.

Answer No. 9:

If the owner is responsible, correctGrows, trains. Then dogs NEVER attack their owners, but when they take it, they are lazy and walk around and go through the general course of the dresses. Then yes, it can be attacked by a poodle and Pekingese and Pit

Answer No. 10:

With spoiled psyche and not proper upbringing.

Answer No. 11:

According to statistics, and in life-most often their owners bite dachshunds, Rottweilers and Dobermans.

Answer No. 12:

I do not know who you mean under the fighters' breeds ...
I will say for my own and this is in the past BUT, CAO, Doberman (a podrubrashka with a very difficult character), a mongrel and present CAO, Doberman and dachshund.
For all the time there was one single bite, although it's hard to call a bite from one of the dogs that already does not exist with me and when the dog was insane with wild pain, and I climbed myself.
With dogs you know how to say "What you sow is what you will reap." Here is the same Dobermanshka girl I finally convinced of this.
Just their strengths and capabilities need to be assessed adequately and accordingly to the choice of the dog, his dog does not fit the principle of Wishlist, but by principle I can.

Answer # 13:

It can be connected with a myth; As well as the fact that their bites are more serious than the bite of takashi-chi, and even more so that zhurnalyugi cheerfully from this make a sensation.
Soldiers were removed for bullying bulls, rats and each other, so that they should not be more aggressive towards people.
According to the US, small breeds are leading in the number of hunks. According to the official statistics of Germany and the Netherlands, Rottweilers are leading.
And from my own experience I find such statistics plausible.

Answer # 14:

It all depends on education .. Such breeds as staff, pit bulls, bull terrier slopes to aggression and to leadership. Therefore, in the family, the dog should not dominate. It should occupy the last place in the family. Discipline first and foremost with the smallest age. For advice on proper parenting, I advise you to contact a cynologist

Answer No. 15:

Often? Oh really? You have statistics to begin to specify - how many bites are about one thousand such dogs, and then we will talk about "very often."

Otherwise ... Each year, there are a number of incidents involving dogs of different breeds, as well as dogs that are completely mongrel. Bites of hosts, biting passers-by, burglars of hackers. The number of these incidents is approximately the same. But the breed composition varies - depending on the number of the corresponding rocks.

And now notice that the peak of hysteria about biting the dogs "fighting" breeds fell on the peak of popularity of these very breeds. And draw conclusions.

Well, another nuance - do not trust the media without recollection. The media are interested in raising the rating, so the news that the pit bitten the passer-by or the host would be widely covered, and if the owner bitten the dachshund, it would not get into the press at all. Well, some publications about attacks of dogs of fighting breeds prove to be unreliable ... there was a message about two fighting dogs attacking a man, already at the federal level ... was contacted by a friend who lives in that village and it turned out that "fighting dogs" were Shepherd and pooch.

And why do dogs bite their master? The most frequent option is incorrect education. And by this I mean not beating the dog and the like, usually to connivances leads to connivance, the spoiling of the dog and indulgence to all her desires - and then the owner is faced with the need to force the dog to something (for example, to treatment or clipping of claws).

And sometimes dogs are simply inadequate. Yes, there is also a percentage of crazy dogs.

Answer # 16:

The main thing is the thoroughbredness of the dog. Inadequate among dogs often have a genetic origin - that is, a mixture of rocks. Plus upbringing is the right thing. And, by the way, yes - fighting breeds do not exist. And the Germans attack people more often than pits and staffs. And: amstaff - officially a companion dog. all.

Answer # 17:

I will not say that often. But rarely and accurately. However, pay attention to which families this happens in. Far from those people who deal with the dog, communicate, play with it. And where the dogs grow on their own, like grass. Yes, from personal there are such stories and dogs such are, which can attack a person of a different dog. One of these - pitbulshya living in the neighborhood of me. Walking exclusively on a leash. I killed several dogs, attacked my sheepdog (but in a muzzle), rushed at people. Lives in terrible conditions, if still lives, of course. The dog was constantly beaten, there was no education. A little that is not for business - get in the face. And she received specifically, as far as I know. In the aftermath of the people she was afraid, but she could also attack from fear. From some, I jumped, jumped on others. And if you recall those terrible stories with crippled people, who was behind these dogs? Alkash, frank de beers, insane muzhichki. Waste, in a word.

Answer # 18:

It happens very rarely but they have the instinct of hickory and they sometimes have a brain close and the dog grabs a man by the throat

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