/ / SOS! The dog obgadila whole house! Forces are no more! An adult psynia, not old!

SOS! The dog obgadila whole house! Forces are no more! An adult psynia, not old!

Answer # 1:

I got the impression that a dogNeurosis, caused by an acute need for your attention. They did not teach the dog to be alone, this time. Attention, perhaps you are giving the dog, but not the one that she needs - then two. VEO is a service book that needs not just walks as a toilet, but in physical and mental loads. The dog is looking for your attention by any means available to her, and you are her fists on the head ... The reason for this behavior of your dog is looking for yourself! Reconsider your relationship with her!

Answer # 2:

What nakuy is an Eastern European Shepherd ...
This is an East European observer ...
Drive him away ...

Answer # 3:

Sterilize, the hormones will stop playing, the brain will get in place.

Answer # 4:

Wear dog diapers when you leave the house. In the rest with the psyche of the dog is normal, or is it generally prone to all kinds of abnormalities?

Answer # 5:

Put on her diaper. (Kidding of course)

Answer No. 6:

Not trained on time or walked out of hours. The dog is not to blame, that the owners are nosy. You should be punched on the head.

Answer No. 7:

I agree with Nina Bogdanova, completely and completely. And I will add: VEO, who lives in an apartment - he does not have much time to walk for 3 hours a day. We pit-stuffs walk at least 4-5 hours a day ..

Answer No. 8:

When the dog will receive an ACTIVE MOTTION withPHYSICAL loads (elementary tire dragging, jumping, cross-country running, training by obedience and PROTECTION) to pleasant fatigue and coming home will fall asleep from fatigue, it will sleep before your arrival. If you can not provide physical activity, then transfer the dog to other hands.

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