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What breed of dogs can I keep at home

Answer # 1:

Pug - with its weight (from 4.5 to 11 kg) is goodFits into the size of a city apartment. Small, compact and short-haired, which facilitates the care of it. While the owner is at work, the pug will be happy to sleep in a warm place.

Schipperke - a small and active dog, its weight does not exceed 8 kg. Do not forget that schipperke needs active walks.

Schnauzer - Zverg and Mittelschnauzer are wonderful pets. Dogs of these breeds need daily exercise and hair care. Very contact.

Scotch Terrier is a working dog from Scotland, weighing about 6-9 kg. He is intelligent and mobile, needs active walks.

Yorkshire Terrier - a tiny dog ​​(up to 4.5 kg) with the heart of a lion. Likes to spend the day lying on pillows or a sofa.

Cocker Spaniel - a popular breed with half-long hair and sad eyes. Needs regular physical activity. Staying home alone, usually asleep.

Welsh-Corgi-Pembroke is a rather popular breed of dogs weighing up to 12 kg. This stocky short-haired dog needs active daily walks.

West Highland White Terrier - this small terrierPlayful and attractive, but for good health he needs physical activity. He takes up little space in the apartment, but requires regular care for his snow-white wool.

Leverette is a mini-copy of the Greyhound (English greyhound) weighing about 4.5 kg. Левретка is fast and smart, loves games and running, but if possible, lying on the sofa with pleasure.

The Lhasa Apso is a small inhabitant from Tibet, asAs if born to a city apartment. Weight Apso about 6 kg. For the employed people, this breed is not suitable, because regular maintenance of Apso's long coat is necessary.

A miniature poodle is an excellent pet dog. Loves the owner's attention and likes active walks.

Bichon frize - a ball of fluff, weighing 7-9 kg. A faithful and obedient will be an excellent addition in any apartment. Bichon wool requires regular care.

Boxer - short-haired dog of medium size. Suitable for those involved in sports.

Boston Terrier is a small black and white terrier who loves attention. Listened and tolerated, well-established as a watch dog. Staying home alone, he prefers to sleep.

Dachshund - long and short legged dachshundFit in the apartment. She likes to walk, sometimes she can be aggressive towards cats and other small animals, because originally the breed was taken out for work in the burrow.

English bulldog is nice, but it snores a lot in a dream. Well get along with someone who has a sound sleep:

Kern-terrier - despite its small growth, quite sociable and takes up little space in the apartment. Daily exercise is required.

Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dogs in the world. It certainly does not take much space: but at the same time it is a faithful and brave dog that will work as a bell.

Pomeranian Pomeranian is a tiny chanterelle weighing about two kilograms. Very fond of human communication.

Maltese is a fairly popular long-haired breed. Snow-white hair requires daily care. He is obedient, loves comfort.

As Russian that terrier, pinscher


Answer # 2:

What do you like

Answer # 3:

I really like pikineses!

Answer # 4:

Which one you want and better)

Answer # 5:

Some dwarf: chihuahua, pikenes, poodle ...

Answer No. 6:

In my opinion, dachshunds are easy to train, they remain at home alone, good friends for children and the elderly

Answer No. 7:

Any, what like.

Answer No. 8:

The one that suits your temperament, lifestyle and size of the apartment, and so any dog ​​can be kept in the apartment

Answer No. 9:

Approximately at least describe.

Answer No. 10:

Choose the heart of the average size of a householder;)

Answer No. 11:

Bedlington terrier
Flanders Bouvet
And chin ... chihuahu .... the toy terrier

Answer No. 12:

Which is able to support and educate.

Answer # 13:

Well trained and live in the apartments of many dogs.
For example, for life in a city apartment is a good fit a German boxer. With proper education, this is a good friend, guard and companion. Good for children. Does not show aggression without reason.

Dachshunds and other small dogs, often are aggressive, unkind to children.

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