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Month puppy bad

Answer # 1:

Except for milk, the puppy should have been getting meat for a long time (raw beef or horse meat), cottage cheese, you can add boiled chicken breast. And from the divorced milk he is no use, he does not eat.
Now do not feed, as soon as possible to appearVeterinarian. Maybe the puppy has a stomach problem, then it's easier - make the meals and everything will pass. But maybe this is the beginning of a serious infection - parvovirus, plague, hepatitis, and then without a doctor you can not cope.

Answer # 2:

And is it not easier to take it to a veterinarian?

Answer # 3:

Less food, let's get better and better (but not for children and for puppies), dilute children's mixtures in general, portions and meals, change

Answer # 4:

Tears it to the wind at that age, and goat's milk for feeding puppies is not bred, whole-fed

Answer # 5:

Better to the vet.

Answer No. 6:

So one milk is not enough. You can already give the lure. Raw cottage cheese, cottage cheese, with yogurt, ryazhenka or bifid duck.

Answer No. 7:

to the doctor. Because on one goat's milk at a month old the puppy will not last long

Answer No. 8:

Where his milk ... Let's already grind the normal food for the puppies ... And the styling is gradually removed ... And milk at this age will tear the junk

Answer No. 9:

To all vyshenapisannomu I shall add, a tummy massage clockwise after each feeding

Answer No. 10:

What goat's milk? Provoke and diarrhea in addition, no fat content at all. Not fat beef broth, cow milk boiled and diluted 1h mole for 2 hours water. It's almost a baby, more caress, just do not squeeze.

Answer No. 11:

I hope the infection is not picked up anywhere?
Keep the vaccine in isolation?

Answer No. 12:

You can, of course, open your mouth and force itThat milk is that medicine, but in this way you destroy the trust of your dog to you and put the dog to a lot of stress. It's better to spend a little more time and have a little patience, but do it all in the mind. How to do it right, you can see in this clip http://foxispet.ru/gigiena/lekarstvo_bez_stressa/?utm_medium=vir&utm_source=forum&utm_term=lekarstvo

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