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How to teach a puppy to go to the toilet on the street

Answer # 1:

Small puppies are often written at home. That's what usually happens. You watch TV, and the puppy suddenly starts running and circling. Rise, take it and run to the street. The puppy tells you that he needs to get out urgently. So do not hesitate.
Now, when you're on the street, put the puppy on itSame place as last time, tell him to "do it" - or those words that you like more. It is important. Telling the puppy how to act, you eventually teach him to do it on command. As for the place itself, someday the puppy will find its own, and you will need to plant it there.
Never treat him rough,Ask to go outside. Always be gentle, soft, relaxed, in a good mood. Turn it into a game. When the puppy does his work, praise him, bend over, point to the "deeds" and tell him how clever he is. Gradually the puppy will begin to understand this. He after all senses your feelings more quickly than he understands words. Always remember this.
But sometimes you will have difficulties. Many puppies do not want to go out if it's raining, snowing or winding outside. That's why we give the command, using a certain intonation. The kittens, trembling, run out into the yard and want to return as soon as possible. And you? Soaked to the skin, frozen, and, moreover, the puppy did not do what was going to. In this case, encourage him and talk to him; Tell me what you would like him to do. Take the kitten to another place to get him to act. If you have other dogs - it can be where there is a pile left by one of them; This stimulates the puppy.
If you are at home all day, then take out the puppy everytwo hours. You do not want to have a wet carpet? If there is no way to go outside, put the puppy in the bathroom, but so that he can see what is happening outside. It will not be isolated. Spread his towels and wash them every night.
Teaching the puppy to cleanliness is veryTime-consuming process, it does not work out right away. The puppy gradually realizes that it is necessary to empty the intestines on the street and in a couple of weeks he will ask himself. Do not forget that a puppy at this age can not tolerate for a long time, and this will require patience and perseverance from you. If you take out a puppy for a walk before eating, after eating and after sleeping and will encourage him for a barrel in the street, then by 3 - 4 months you will have almost no puddles in your apartment. Completely the puppy gets used to suffer to a half-year-old age.
Punishing the puppy for uncleanness in the apartment,You lose contact with your pet, and he, in turn, will look for more secluded places for defecation. Good contact between the owner and the pet is the guarantee of future successful training. If the puppy gets used to recovering in the same place in the house, then he will do it, even coming from a walk. Therefore, you need a place where the puppy recovered, cleaned and processed with an odorous substance, to avoid repetition.

Answer # 2:

Walking in time and giving food up to an hour before a walk.

Answer # 3:

To start how much a puppy?
To walk until he does not, to praise for business.

Answer # 4:

BE PATIENT. INCLINE IN ONE AND THE SAME PLACE IMMEDIATELY AFTER SLEEP, FOOD, PERSONAL. As you will notice that you are worried and turn at once to the paddock, the necessary actions are encouraged by delicacy.

Answer # 5:

Nose tkni where nagadil and say about the street) I have once understood so)

Answer No. 6:

To develop a clear schedule of walks and patiently teach

Answer No. 7:

You know, when my little dog was small,Patiently every 2 hours brought to the street, we have a good, 1 floor, and the time and opportunity allowed. Time passed, the dog grew, it began to endure, to withstand time, the infection grew. After five months it was clear that it was enough for a three-time walk for her, withstands, but still sins, especially when you leave her alone. That's when my soul could not stand it, I broke it, I punched it and gave a good kick on the ass. Such cases were a couple of times. Since then, the dog is afraid to shit the house and goes exclusively to the street 3-4 times a day. She is now 7 months old

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