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What is better to breed a dog?

Answer # 1:

Depending on what kind of house or apartment you have, how manyTime are ready to give to the dog, looking at how well you can train the dog (dangerous experiments with fighters), and the nature of the breed depends in part on where you live in the city, and maybe in the village and the main dog for what?

Answer # 2:

Looking for what, for what purpose

Answer # 3:

Looking for what. At least write some criteria.

Answer # 4:

Russian Toy Terrier

Answer # 5:

Watching for what purposes you need a dog.

Answer No. 6:

Just so, take the mongrel) and if you want a thoroughbred, write what size about, the sheep dog is, dalmatian, husky, dachshund, york and so on. Write what size you want a dog.

Answer No. 7:

Clearly one of these:
Australian hound (kangaroo dog)Australian Shepherd Dog (Australian) Australian Shepherd Dog Australian short-tailed shepherd dog Australian Bandog Australian Bulldog Australian Dingo Australian Kelpie Australian Silky Terrier Austrian Hound (Brandl Marriage) Austrian Pinscher (Austrian Shorthair Pinscher) Azawakh (African Hound) Ainu (Hokkaido Dog) Akbash Akita-inu Alano (Spanish Alano) Alapachsky Bulldog Alopekis Alpine Shepherd Alpine Dachshund Marriage Alaskan Kli Kay Alaskan Malam (American Tundra Dog) American Bandol American Bulldog American Cocker Spaniel American Pit Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier American Toy-Fox Terrier American Eskimo Dog English Shepherd English Bulldog English Cocker Spaniel English Mastiff English Setter English Toy- Terrier Appenzeller Sennenhund Dogo argentino Aruba country dog ​​Atlas sheepdog (Aide) Afghan borzo I am Affenpincher Basenji Basset Breton Basset Hound Bedlington Terrier White Swiss Shepherd Belgian Shepherd Bernese Mountain Dog Beagle Bichon Frize Bloodhound Bobtail Boxer Bulgarian Shepherd Bolognese Big Swiss Mountain Dog Border Collie Bordeaux Dog (French Mastiff) Boston Terrier Brazilian Terrier Briard Bullmastiff Bull Terrier Bull Terrier Miniature Boerboel Weimaraner Welsh Corgi Welsh terrier Hungarian short-haired patter West Terrier Wolfhound Irish East European Shepherd Dog Gampr Naked Mexican (English-French) Beagle plotter Beagle Stephen Beagle Tyrolean Schiller Beagle Greyhound Greek Shepherd Greenland dog Griffon Grunendal Dalmatian Jack Russell terrier Designer dogs Doberman Pinscher Drent partridge dog Golden Retriever Irish Setter Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Ka-de-bo Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Caucasian Shepherd Dog Canadian Eskimo Dog Canarian Dog Cane Co Rso Karabash Anatolian Karabash Kangalese Karelian bear dog Dwarf pinscher (zwergpinscher) Kara Dog Keeshond Kern Terrier Kerry Blue Terrier Chinese Crested Dog Clumber Spaniel Collie Krshskaya Shepherd Dog Komondor Crab-Blue Cunhound (Xenot Hound) Xoloitzcuintly (Mexican Naked Dog) Kuvas Kurtzhaar Curly-haired dog Retriever Kyrgyz greyhound Labrador retriever Laika West Siberian Laika Kamchatka riding Saika Nenets Olenegna Laika Samoyedka Laika Finnish reindeer Laika Chukotka rides Leva Eskimo Laika Yakut Lakenua Landseer Lapland Shepherd Dog Leuretka Leonberger Lithuanian Hound (Latvian Hound) Lopar Olenegon Dog Lucas Terrier Lhasa Apso Luzern Hound Small Greek Home Dog Malinois Maltese (Maltese Bolonka) Maremma-abruzza Shepherd (Maremmano abrutzele) Mastino Poleetano (Neapolitan Mastiff ) Mittelschnauzer Mongolian Shepherd Dog (Banhar) Pug Moscow Watchdog Moscow Dragon Great Dane (Great Dane) German Shepherd German Drachhaar Penguin German New Guinea Singing Dog Norbotten Spitz (Scandinavian Laika) Norwegian Elghund Gray Norwegian Elghund Black Norwich Terrier Norfolk Terrier Newfoundland Orchid St. Petersburg Papillon Parson Russell Terrier Pekingese Peruvian Naked Dog Pinscher Pyrenean Mountain Dog Pyrenean Mastiff Podengu Porteseze Podgalyanska Shepherd Pointer English Pointer Hertha Pointer German Pointer Poodle (Poodle Pointter) Pointer Old-Danish (Old-Danish Wrong) ...

Answer No. 8:

Answer No. 9:

Looking for something, for hunting, for joy and. Tp

Answer No. 10:

Any dog ​​will be your friend, if properly educated. First you need to answer yourself, at least, to the following questions:
How much time they are willing to give to the dog (someone has only a half-hour walk, with many having to walk for several hours);
What size would you prefer (from the sneeze to the dog - you will agree, there is a difference);
What kind of temperament do you need (phlegmatic chow, choleric terrier (someone from), sanguine hasi, etc. ...);
Do you have any experience (at least theoretical, based on literate literature);
Whether you want to do something specific (agility, frisbee, EU, hunting, protection, etc.);
Well, at least some personal preferences ...

Answer No. 11:

Why just once the breed if you want to just a friend. Take it from the shelter. Will be for him the most respected and beloved person

Answer No. 12:

Healthy body and especially the brains.

Answer # 13:

Mint, the most kind and faithful doggie.

Answer # 14:

Suitable dog companions.

Answer No. 15:

ALABAYA. Much information about the species of CAO:


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