/ Do you like cats or dogs more? And why?

Do you like cats or dogs more? And why?

Answer # 1:

The beast is extremely faithful. Unlike a dog that goes after anyone with a piece of sausage, it will always be true only to the one whom he loves.
Neat. To the house did not smell like a cat enough time to clean it, dogs (with the exception of some breeds) always stink.
Adequate. Aggression of a cat is always adequate. What comes to mind the dog is never known, and no education and training is something that will not keep.
A cat has a higher intelligence (even a pig has an intelligence higher than a dog!).
Cats are capable of devotion and empathy without ever dropping down to humiliation.

Answer # 2:

Dogs of course! The dog will never betray or deceive. Always will be there when you feel bad and protect even at the cost of your life. A cat will leave at any time when it pleases. As soon as she feels that she is not comfortable with you, she will disappear.

Answer # 3:

Previously, the interpretation of the dog and when they brought home a cat - a homeless child, then it)) But in general, animals and birds carry positive things to people. Inhumanity of course does not apply)))

Answer # 4:

Dog, this is without options.The dog can be chosen to your taste, they are devotees, they are easy to learn, they are more comfortable to me, dogs are not rancorous, they are more playful, the dog can do more good (if necessary), the dog will be able to protect, the dog is easier to raise , Thanks to the simple training, she will not spoil the property (and if the cat tries to sharpen the claws on the sofa, then basically that's all), barking in vain (and cats into their wits are so yelling that they can not be shut), and so on, I'm positive I can write endlessly.
To whom as, and for me so the cat is a vindictive cushion

Answer # 5:

Cats! Just like dogs they can be faithful, sincere, loving animals, with their interesting habits and character. But unlike the dog, the cat will not lick your face every 5 minutes, splutter around the apartment, bark constantly, gnaw shoes and sofas and get under your feet all day and stop doing things. Although everyone has his own taste and opinion.

Answer No. 6:

I like both cats and dogs

Answer No. 7:

All like, but personally we have two cats and I do not at allI do not regret. And it's not true that cats are not faithful, we had a cat (died) that always came when someone was crying, laying on her stomach and starting to mumble and rub her face, she also waited for her parents every day, in the evening ( Knowing that they would soon come) did not leave the door, but as parents came, she rushed to their feet and loudly muttered. The loss of Mama was very great for us, but now we have a cat and a cat. The cat is very sociable, always walks and crumbles (it does not meow, but crumbs: "Mia"), loves water, swims. A cat is very affectionate, every morning you wake up, but on you Sonka lies and loudly murch. Koshaks meet me every day at the doorstep, they follow me on the heels and murch!
In my opinion, after all, cats are better than dogs!

Answer No. 8:

Dogs, because they also do not like cats))

Answer No. 9:

Dogs they are more faithful to cats

Answer No. 10:

Like cats and dogs, and birds and toads ...
We have all of the above in the house. In the case of protection, so one of our cats protects the apartment no worse than a dog. And if the dog simply blocks outsiders access from the front door, then the cat can specifically cripple.
And in general, this couple - a cat and a dog - adore my husband and listen to her only.
And what can you do if in the education of cats my wife used the same methods and commands as in the education of a dog.
So, in the "muzzles" of the Cauchy and our staff drink, we also have security, and cushions, and devotion, and wonderful companions for a walk. ;-)
And you "Who likes it better?" Yes, I will not even think about it!

Answer No. 11:

And those and those like, but I probably never will have a dog, because she does not have a place in the apartment.
So the cat is more practical)
Everyone says that a cat does not like its ownerAnd can leave when he likes and the bastard is not grateful, but I did not notice this for my animals, or for the living creatures of my acquaintances. Cats genuinely love their master, they are drawn to the society (not to the crowd as to holidays, but to the inhabitants of her house), they will never do muck just like that.
Yes, they are more wayward, stubborn and independent, but I even like it.

Answer No. 12:

CUTEEEEEEEEEEE! These are the funniest and at the same time graceful and affectionate animals. What are mutually exclusive concepts. Because they are unique.

Answer # 13:

Dogs, they are almost like people

Answer # 14:

The cats and the dogs, too

Answer No. 15:

They are cute cats and they want to hug them hiccup and a puppy I would give everything for them

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