/ Does anyone hold or breed dingo dogs? I wonder how much this dog is worth, and how unpretentious in care.

Does anyone hold or breed dingo dogs? I wonder how much this dog is worth, and how unpretentious in care.

Answer # 1:

Margot is not entirely right. There are dingo kennels, they are bought as pets.

In the 80 years of the XX century the cynologicalThe hobby of Australian dingo dogs, and the Australians had to change their view of them as predators and parasites. Dingo began to acquire zoos in Europe and America. European and American dog breeders started breeding wild dogs in nurseries. The Australian outlaw became an indicator of prestige in the US, and the cost of the puppy has increased very much.

In France and in Spain, dingo participates in exhibitions and wins other representatives of the dog family. In Switzerland, the official standard for the Australian dog has already been developed.

In Australia there were nurseries, where they growPuppies for those who want to "adopt" a wild dog. Although dingo is easy enough to tame and looks like a tamed dog is quite friendly (always showing respect and obedience to the owner, tied to it with all his heart and even protects the house and children from possible danger), however, no cattleman will risk leaving a manual dingo for the night in one enclosure with Sheep. An ancient hunting instinct can awaken a dog at any moment, and then troubles can not be avoided.
A cheerful, mischievous, intelligent dingo does not needComplex care. He is unpretentious in food and resistant to diseases, he perfectly co-exists with the company of other dogs. A distinctive feature of dingo is the absence of the usual ringing bark. He can only whine and growl. Like tame wolves, this is the "dog of one master." The owner does not fundamentally change the changes. Runs, withers or dies. With prolonged absence of communication with a person, dingo, like other dogs, is bereft.

P.S. Prepare tugriks not only for the puppy (if you are so attracted by dingo), but for other expenses (the amount may exceed the cost of the pet).)))

Answer # 2:

It's a wild dog. Who will breed wild dogs.

Answer # 3:

Dingo - not originally wild animals, but againFeral. Descendants of Australian Aboriginal dogs. 50 thousand rubles they are here. Http://www.zoo-ekzo.ru/node/4563. On behavior are close to primitive breeds-pairs. Such as Basenji and Thai Ridgeback. But the content of dingo is aviary. Require regular communication with the owner. Enterprising and active. To train them is difficult - they will perform only what they want. Excellent jumpers - can jump over a 2 meter fence. Choose only one master for himself as a leader

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