/ / Why do dogs not like cats?

Why do dogs not like cats?

Answer # 1:

They have the opposite thinking. For example, a dog waves its tail, it is happy, the cat waves its tail, it is evil, the dog falls, substituting the belly- "I trust you", the cat falls on its back- "do not touch, the hare", the dogs sniff at the tail, at cats Indecent, dogs live in packs, cats-individual farmers. Well, etc., etc., etc.

Answer # 2:

Nor ever

Answer # 3:

Because cats eat dogs

Answer # 4:

This cat does not like dogs))))

I'm all loved and respected, no one is gnawing or offending anyone

Answer # 5:

Why they do not like me, they both lived and loved each other very much

Answer No. 6:


Answer No. 7:

Is it?

Answer No. 8:

They have survived for a long time the competition for human attention

Answer No. 9:

Why do people ask such stupid questions? ;) It depends on the character. Most often cats with dogs are friends. And if they live in the same house, they can not live without each other!

Answer No. 10:

My nevka and the one even steal food together. So they are all good with love)))))

Answer No. 11:

And who told you that they do not like? I have 2 cats and 4 dogs.

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