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What kind of dog do you have? Beagle or Petit-Brabanton

Answer # 1:

Height: 33 - 40 cm
Weight: 8 - 14 kg
Content in the apartment: well suited
Lifespan: 12 to 15 years
Well suited: for inexperienced owners

Character of the Beagles

This very sociable breed of dogs, which easily establishes close relationships with both adults and children of all ages, is therefore ideal for families with children.

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Beagles usually get along well with dogs, but do not trust other domestic pets. Cats and other small pets can be considered beagles as prey.

These dogs are decisive and active, so they canRequire additional training for correct behavior. Beagles do not like to be left alone for a long time. A lonely beagle can become destructive and nervous. Therefore, if there is a need to leave the dog alone for long periods of time, it is worth thinking about the company, in the face of another dog.

Lai beagle assisted in hunting and was needed inOther sports, in which dogs of this breed participated for many years. However, if you keep beagle as a pet, its loud barking can irritate, and not only you, but your neighbors. Therefore, it is important to teach the dog to restrain his barking, which may not be an easy task, especially with young animals.

These dogs have a strong instinct to followSmells and can travel long distances if you take them off the leash and do not follow them. To the beagle is not lost, following your instincts it is better to keep it on the fenced territory and keep your eyes on it.

Beagles are intelligent, lively and willing to learn dogs. They quickly adapt to their environment and change their behavior.

Dogs of this breed need early socialization.

Beagle Disease

Beagle is a hardy and generally healthy breed of dogs, although during their life there are periods of ill health, they usually manage them well and quickly recover.

Most of this breed is prone to the following diseases:

Disease of intervertebral discs
Chronic hepatitis
Lymphosarcoma (lymphoma)
Less often, but beagles encounter such diseases as:

Cherry eye
Hyperadrenocorticism (Cushing's syndrome)
Congenital hypothyroidism
Mast cell cancer

Care for the Beagle

Wool at beagles is smooth and short and needsOnly in a small care. Combing the beagle is enough once a week. Periodic bathing with a special or dry shampoo is all that is required to keep the animal's fur in order.

It is also necessary in time to cut the claws and periodically check the dog for signs of infection and parasites, as well as other domestic animals.

Beagle dogs are very energetic and hardy, theyNeed a lot of physical activity. A daily walk is an important condition for maintaining the health of the dog. Running along with a dog is a great way to support your and her physical form, as well as provide the beagle the opportunity to explore the new territory.

These dogs will not spend the whole day sleeping or lying on the couch, they are active and curious not only on the street, but also at home.

Bigles love to run, walk and swim if given the opportunity.


Beagles have a strong hunting instinct, so they often have an irresistible desire to dig, which can be a problem for owners of country houses and villas.

These dogs also have a tendency to excessive barking, this can be a problem if the dog does not receive the necessary care and attention.

Advantages of this breed is that they do not drool, do not strongly molt and practically do not smell.

It is worth bearing in mind that each dog is individual. This

Answer # 2:

If you hunt for hares, then beagle, if as a companion - brabanson is better in this regard.

Answer # 3:

If you want to run and look for a dog - it's a beagle, which, although Estonian, but still a hound)

Answer # 4:

Choose Petit-brabansona, a very funny breed :)

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Answer No. 6:

Well, if you were a hunter, would you have this questionThey did not ask, they would know that the Brabanson does not hunt and you really need a beagle. But since they asked, I conclude that you do not have a relationship to hunt. Then for what purpose do you beagle - a stubborn, independent, very energetic and passionate hunting dog? For acuity of sensations? Long anybody did not carry an apartment or on walks it is pleasant to a dog on a city to search? no? Then only brabanon!

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