/ / My dog ​​strongly molts, wool flies in different directions, help !!!

My dog ​​strongly sheds, wool flies in different directions, help !!!

Answer # 1:

Everything is fine, prepare a vacuum cleaner. In dogs, this happens, and 2 times a year. Weights and Autumn. ) But only when your dog has grown and has become, as it were, so to say ... "adult"

Answer # 2:

You have to scratch the dog! Collect the wool and discard. But otherwise it will fly koninipopodya.
You can also give calcium to the animal.

Answer # 3:

A comb it did not try?

Answer # 4:

There are special "combs", forgot howCalled, which allow for 1-2 times to cut the entire undercoat, but they cost about 2 thousand. Another option is washing + combing. Good vitamins can shorten the moulting period.

Answer # 5:

Only comb out. Otherwise everything will be in wool!

Answer No. 6:

Buy a fuminator and you will be scared

Answer No. 7:

I also have a dog lazy now: I comb out on the street, I rub the floors at home - there is nothing horrible about this.

Answer No. 8:

How can I help you? Tell me the address will come clean everything. It is normal that a year two times in the spring and autumn the dogs moult. If it was not shed, then this is an anomaly, we would need help.

Answer No. 9:

Help clean?

Answer No. 10:

At me the dog lohmatenkaja and when she starts to molt, I simply shear she ...

Answer No. 11:

Change http://otvet.mail.ru/question/45246328/

Answer No. 12:

At least the breed was called?

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