/ / Which dog is more obedient and better for protecting a private house, German Shepherd or Risenschnauzer?

Which dog is more obedient and better for protecting a private house, a German shepherd or a Risen Schnauzer?

Answer # 1:

Here already there was so much this particular question .... If on a chain. Then a Caucasian or Central Asian shepherd is better. Rizen and German campaigners, they need contact with the owner. But not stupid sticking out on your 6 ares. something like this

Answer # 2:

Sheepdogs are the most unpretentious) you can not play with them, but they will serve you)

Answer # 3:

Any of them, choose it yourself. Both breeds worthy options

Answer # 4:

Both options are very good. But, I like the sheepdogs

Answer # 5:

If the dog will "stupidly guard the house" and you do notPlan to deal with it and devote more time than "fed-patted", then both of these breeds do not suit ... they need work and a load on the brain! Pity the dog ... well, not to run around in circles. Asians or Alabai much easier to relate to the content on the street. And these are grieving ... Riesen is not at all the fact that he will be delighted with the "security" function ... a German can get angry. Both dogs are good, but not for the street. Look profile security rocks ... which live for generations in booths.

Answer No. 6:

Riesen I love very much, but this dog is not for the chain,She needs constant contact with the owner. On a chain such a dog will be bored, think up activities, and, as a result, a person will not need it, and this is dangerous for the owner. On the chain is better than a shepherd, in the house - rizen.

Answer No. 7:

No one. That one, that the second is a weak territorial instinct. Only the Caucasus. There are no other options for good territorial officers.

Answer No. 8:

A lot of information about the CAO breed:

Answer No. 9:

A dog as a family member, not a guard. If you need protection at home, set the alarm system http://www.tornado.spb.ru/solutions/for-country-house/centralizovannaya-ohrana/, any thief will scare a dog better. Dogs can kill thieves.

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