/ / Dressing dogs I want to properly train my dog, but I think that for her age it's too late, she is 1.5 years old

Dressage of dogs I want to properly train my dog, but I think that for her age it's too late, she's 1.5 years old

Answer # 1:

Young smart dog with yet flexibleMentality, ready to learn, a year and a half - this is not the age when it is necessary to say "late." Another thing is that the owner, apart from many knowledge, needs experience and human qualities (patience, dedication, perseverance, consistency and firmness).

Answer # 2:

Of course, in a year and a half the dog is already difficult to train. But in general, it is necessary to try

Answer # 3:

It's not too late, there would be a desire, the dog is not stupid.

Answer # 4:

Nothing's too late. The main thing to work .... and to enthrall your dog.

Answer # 5:

1.5 years - I do not know, I'm not a cynologist. In the armies of the cynologist we trained even a couple of mongrels - whom the officers dragged. They were already adults and large - in the Prince's team they listened to the guard went. I went to guard with BUT Martha - was clever))

Answer No. 6:

A dog at 1.5 years old is almost a teenager. And they train and absolutely adults, there would be a desire. Themselves can not cope, the cynologists can always help.

Answer No. 7:

At the site of the male, the canine corso was first trained at 2 years.
By the age of 4 he had won the first place in city competitions at the obedience course of VN, without a barrier and an apportionment.
Here are 6-7 years - it's too late, the dog has already passed a whole life.
And here is a very young dog.

Answer No. 8:

Not too late, just go straight to the dressing room

Answer No. 9:

Generally it's not too late. We were retraining the German (we started ourselves, made mistakes, and then began to walk on the dressing platform) in a year and three months. And now we have VEO, she is already 5 years old, but we are retraining from the ZKS for applied protection. Do not believe, but grasps on the fly, so also the elements of complicated OKD master (lie, sit, stand on the boom, place on the boom, still a place in a complicated version). It's nonsense that dogs can be taught only by teenagers. Of course, a lot depends on the dog. But I have an example before my eyes - almost a five-year-old dog.

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