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What is a good dog breed Chihuahua? Say bad and good)

Answer # 1:

Very intelligent, smart, faithful, notAn empty guard, a good watchman. Not very fond of children, or rather, treats them with caution. Until he learns to jump off the couch himself, it is necessary to build a stand, otherwise it can be traumatized. But the adult jumps like a saiga. The snakes have a stronger bone than those in the toes. Cunning. Jealous.

Answer # 2:

You can brag to neighbors at its price.

Answer # 3:

Small, compact, there will be no problems in the summer "where to attach on vacation"

Answer # 4:

Good: you can not walk
Bad: if it falls from the couch it will break the paw / rib (very tender)

Answer # 5:

Of the minuses: badly accustomed to go to the toilet on the street.
From the pros: little eats, little shedding.

Answer No. 6:

Chihuahua is very lively, charming and intelligent dogs. They are devoted to their owners and are inclined to choose one most beloved person from all family members.
However, the Chihuahuas not only give their love andAttention, but also require them in return. The inquisitive and ingenious nature of these dogs allows them to come up with various ways to get as much attention as possible from their owners.
Owners of more independent breeds of Chihuahua dogsMay seem too affectionate. Small children can easily injure this little dog, and the chihuahua can bite the child for self-defense, so the chihuahua is better suited for families with older children.
Due to its dedication and courage, the Chihuahua can provoke aggression of a larger dog, which can lead to severe injuries and even death due to the very small size of this dog.
These dogs are very suspicious of strangers andNever lose sight of their masters. They say that chihuahua have character traits peculiar to terriers, they are very vigilant, considerate, brave and even bold.
Dogs of this breed prefer the company Chihuahua to other breeds of dogs. Therefore the best dog friend of a Chihuahua after a person is another Chihuahua.
These dogs are great companions for peopleElderly people or people with disabilities. Never leaving their loved one alone, they are able to lie next to the master for hours on end.
Sometimes chihuahuas can be too insecure andSensitive, which can lead to fear of separation. It is known that dogs of this breed can bark for a long time and a lot, if you leave them alone for a long time. It is better not to start a dog of this breed, if you are often absent at home and can not give a lot of time to your pet.
Some dogs of this breed tend to be quite aggressive towards other dogs.
Extremely devoted nature of the Chihuahua can become a problem, as these dogs can be very jealous. They can be jealous of their master to another person or animal.

Answer No. 7:

An excellent dog, for people who like to travelOr sit at home watching a movie ... Very clean by nature, unlike hunters, will not lie in the mud and dump for the first interesting smell. You can safely travel with your baby, because of its compactness, it will not be difficult to even take it on a plane ... It does not require huge loads ... Which is good, because in bad weather, went out on the piss, and then the balls, the cords And training, which he does not pull out with all his favorite huskies and labrets, until he runs through, the floor of the house will destroy: D With my dachshund, it will not work so ... Ears gather all the dirt, dredge the floor of the forest, squirrels the squirrels ... The more proud dogs ... But in the shower, they obviously do not feel themselves kids ...
Minus they have one, or rather, for a newcomer minus, I personally love dogs with a complex character, and the cymbals character of the true Doberman, mouthwalk and so forth: D

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