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How to accustom the puppy to the leash, squeals, gnaws it!

Answer # 1:

First you need to teach the puppy to the collar. Then, on a collar, tie a string so long that it does not come on it (or it will fall and the nose will break). A couple of hours the puppy will be busy playing with this verovochkoy. Then, playing with the puppy, take it for this rope and drive around the room. And so several times. When you start walking on a string, fasten your leash. Do not let him gnaw, encourage, if the puppy is well going.

Answer # 2:

First, dress and walk with him around the apartment, then let him run around the apartment with a leash one, and then on the street

Answer # 3:

First accustom to the collar
Wear his house at daytime
Only at night, shoot

Answer # 4:

Odenek leash the house and be like, and then out onto the street! = D

Answer # 5:

Accustoming a 1-2-month-old puppy to the collar andThe leash most often does not cause problems, but the older the puppy, the more likely that you will come across his resistance. It is easiest to accustom him to them in the game. With a puppy, you can quickly put a collar over his head and continue the game. If the puppy expresses dissatisfaction with this, try to distract him with a toy or another game. You can do it differently: put a collar on the puppy and immediately give it a tasty morsel, then remove the collar. After a second or two, put the collar on again and give it a treat again.

If the puppy is very stubborn and his collar is veryBother, wear it every time before feeding and feed the puppy only when he is in the collar. Over time, if you constantly bring a puppy out into the street in a collar and leash, putting them on will become a signal for him to walk, and he will begin to treat these subjects simply with love.

After the puppy stops paying attentionOn a collar, fasten to it an easy non-long lead. Let the puppy be with him around the apartment. Distract him from trying to chew leash, arranging a game and giving a treat. Try to run away from it. After a short lesson (but not during a timid reaction or fighting with a leash) unfasten the leash. Here the main thing is repetition (remember the famous saying).

Finally the puppy will stop paying attention toThe leash. Try now to lead the dog around the apartment. During the movement as often as possible, feed her slices of food and play with her in any game. As you become accustomed, the frequency of pedagogical activities should be reduced. To make it all work out well, follow a few simple rules:

- do not hurt the puppy, while on it leash;

- do not pull the puppy - this will cause an increase in his panic reaction;

- Control the puppy with the help of light supporting jerks, as if pushing him in the right direction.

Accustomed in an apartment to a collar and a leash puppyCan act on the street in a different way: scared, lie down and do not move, or even throw a tantrum. In any case, it is better not to pull it, but to calm, iron, give a slice of food and once again try to force it to obey the support of the leash. Usually, if the owner is not rude, such a reaction of the puppy quickly stops. But remember: in the street the dog does not lead you, and you are a dog!

While the puppy is small, to oppose his aspirationMove, pulling the leash, easy. Not doing this is the right way to teach a dog to walk that way, and then face the difficulties of fighting an adult dog. To teach a dog to behave correctly, it takes time. Your attitude toward her should be something like a surgeon to a sick person, ie, you must be prepared to make the puppy uncomfortable or a little hurt in the name of the well-being of his future life.

Once the puppy has pulled on the leash and pulled you inUnnecessary side to you or buried your nose where you should not, you must make a sharp jerk leash. He must be so strong as to cause only submission to the dog, no more. You do not need to punish the puppy, you just have to make him change his behavior (unfortunately, with the help of unpleasant influences). If the puppy did not pay attention to the jerk (learning did not happen), do the following, stronger, but not too strong, otherwise it will cause panic in the dog, and later the puppy will develop a fear of leash and situation. This is bad, so look for the golden mean!
In the event that you will constantly pull upPuppy when he pulls the leash, the tension itself will be perceived by him as a harbinger of unpleasant events, avoiding which, the dog will follow the pace and direction of your and your movement. If the dog has grown, has become physically stronger than you and no longer pays attention to your jerks leash, you can make more than one jerk, and three or four or use a hammer. The difficulty of breathing caused by strangulation and reinforced by your jerk is very effective.

Answer No. 6:

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