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How to teach a puppy to the toilet?

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Age of what? Quarantine served?

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Lock up there until Putin douses it in the outhouse!

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Read: if you notice that the puppy is spinning, take it and put it on the diaper.
A puppy, like a child, can not tolerate for a long time, andSometimes just can not stand it. And accustoming the dog to go to the toilet on the street, and not doing anything in the apartment, it is worth considering some small subtleties, namely: for example in the cold season, if the apartment is cool, the puppy is even more difficult to tolerate than in the warm season. Often, even adult dogs in a poorly heated apartment in winter can not tolerate it very well. To teach the puppy to the toilet should be started immediately after you vaccinated the puppy, passed quarantine, and you begin to walk the dog. The very first steps in teaching are to take the puppy out to the street in 20-25 minutes after eating, and when after the meal you took the puppy out into the street, do not distract him with games or socializing with other dogs, that is, you brought out Dog for a walk and walk around for a while so that no one disturbs you and nothing distracts the puppy. Without fail, if the puppy goes to the toilet, praise him and then you can play with him! Over time, the puppy will get used to the fact that on the street he has to do his own business, and then everything else will happen (games with the owner or with the dogs). You should also pay attention to the fact that waking up in the morning, if you do not see any "surprises", put off all your business, grab the puppy and go to the street! It is advisable to go with him for a while, so that the puppy can do his own business, and do not forget to praise! Over time, you, watching the dog can adjust the intervals between walks, independently determining the time during which the puppy can tolerate. It's not always possible to quickly set up a dog-walking schedule as it is convenient for you. Be patient, watch the dog, sometimes increasing the time between walks - watch the behavior of the dog, if you see from the behavior that it is preparing to make a "surprise" - quickly take it and go to the face! Some tricks, such as watching a dog during the day and catching "at the crime scene" are not always acceptable for those owners who work or have a complex schedule ... but the dog's walking after eating is mandatory! And it's also mandatory to have a dog walk in the morning, as soon as possible, right after you wake up, because the dog can endure all night, and in the morning you wake up, start walking around the apartment, doing your own thing - the dog sees that no one is going to lead it On the street and can immediately do everything that she did not do at night.
And a few more things that you do not needForget the beginning owners of dogs: for example, if you have a bitch, then during the estrus and a few days before it, the dog can often start going to the toilet, sometimes not very tolerant. Also, if the bitch has a second half of pregnancy, she can begin to tolerate worse or not tolerate at all, since the children who are inside her press on the bladder and from this the dog can not tolerate.

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Develop a clear schedule for walks and patientlyaccustom. For example, I now have 4. 5 months old puppy. Where it began to tolerate months from 3.5 already tolerably. Practically after each waking up

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Just take it and learn to walk in the tray in one place, how to learn to transfer the tray to further, and then to send it out onto the street there will go

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You can not lock it up just lay a fagot and stay there with snow and go outside

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