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What kind of dog advise?

Answer # 1:

And do not consider mittelnschnauzer?
For your situation will fit, even more so,Podrashchennye puppies. The breed is very human oriented, easy to train, smart, unpretentious in food, do not shed - you need trimming or haircut, but there is no wool around the house, good health, long life. Companion, guard, defender.

Answer # 2:

Akita Inu (tobish khatiko)

Answer # 3:

Answer # 4:

St. Bernard - a large dog - not for an apartment (rather for your house)

Answer # 5:

Judging by the question suggests that you have already decided everything for yourself: St. Bernard or Bernese Mountain Juden. That is, choose between the two breeds. One thing I will say: these rocks - not for 1-room. Apartments.

Answer No. 6:

The Bernese Mountain Dog is an excellent choice. But it's worth being ready for wool)

Answer No. 7:

Chow chow-dog will not suffer until you are at work-self-sufficient.

Answer No. 8:

By description, in general, almost all medium and large are suitable. Even not very calm, given the good physical exertion.
St. Bernards ... lit up in the top 10 killer dogs in the US, these are the pies.
Bernese Mountain Dog is a shepherd, so it's still notVery good. Shepherds preferably load fairly evenly. Under your regime, former hunters and pickling - boxer, airedale, staf, etc. are good. Good and Newfoundland, if protection does not interest.
Even better - I think the best option is black or rizen. They will easily endure both a heavy load and a long passive waiting.

Answer No. 9:

I had a zennenhund. She was moderately active, I will not say straight out what a stingray. She lived perfectly in an apartment, she got on well with children and other animals, it was not conflict in the street.
The only minus-term of life. On average, they live 8-11 years.
In your case, both breeds will work.

Answer No. 10:

Take the Bernese, it will be smaller than the firstOption and the breed is more confined to the owner, the characters are gold, not malicious, balanced psyche, if from the nursery, calmly tolerates loneliness, playful in moderation. But when you take the puppy for the first time, it's better not to leave for a long time, take a vacation under this business and you will get used to it).

Answer No. 11:

I'm certainly a bad adviser in this business, but I heard that the Russian greyhound is a very calm dog. But I can not say for sure)

Answer No. 12:

And if the Moscow watchdog? Quite calm and at the same time not as phlegmatic as the St. Bernards.

Answer # 13:

Taking into account the fact that you are not at home all day - St. Bernard, he is able to sleep all day. Bernsky is more active, he will grieve.

Answer # 14:

From 9 to 19 in any dog ​​from anguish the roof will go, with the interior of the apartment you can safely say goodbye.

Answer No. 15:

St. Bernard - no, they are really huge, slobbery, hairy and problematic in health. Well, that is, with a strong desire, you can hay in odnushku, but here you must immediately understand the scale of problems very well.

A Berna - you can.

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