/ / What are the first signs that the dog will soon give birth?

What are the first signs that the dog will soon give birth?

Answer # 1:

A few days before the birth, the bitch, probably,Refuses to go far away from home on a normal walk, will search for a place to retire, may refuse to eat. Many dogs especially at the first puppy become very restless, running around in despair about the house. They often whine, moan. Begin to scrape in the corners or tear their litter, showing all the way that they feel not at all good. Before birth, the bitch becomes more gentle and especially affectionate with her masters. A few hours before the start of the fights, she often lies in a very typical pose, so the dogs lie rarely - she lies down, completely stretching her front legs, lowly lowering her head between them with a particularly mournful expression of her eyes. She always looks at her master pleadingly, noticeably how worried she is. If the dog is drunk for the first time, it is better if you show it to a veterinarian 2-3 days before the birth. A few days before the birth, milk appears, especially in already giving birth to dogs, the stomach falls, the top line hangs. But it is necessary to take into account at the first birth and especially with the small litters, all these signs can be not expressed.

Answer # 2:

A big belly and lies all the time.

Answer # 3:

The temperature rises, breathes heavily, walks from corner to corner ...

Answer # 4:

Lowering the temperature (day before the birth), excretion of the mucous "plug" (1-2 days before delivery), lowering the abdomen (4-5 days before delivery)

Answer # 5:

The dog is anxious, digging, the stomach is lowered. Just before birth labor begins, water flows away, the dog trembles and breathes as if it is hot, refuses food and water.

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Answer No. 7:

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